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Grind Up Your Spices With This Camera Lens Manual Pepper Mill Grinder


Here’s another curious photography-related novelty item for those of you looking to fill your house with them (i.e. those of you who purchased the lens shaped vacuum cleaner and lens-shaped humidifier that we featured recently): it’s a lens shaped pepper mill.
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Sling Shot: A Camera That Only Captures Expressions of Fear

Sling Shot is a concept camera that’s designed to capture expressions of fear on people’s faces. It’s shaped like a slingshot, and the camera’s shutter release is the elastic band: pretend like you’re about to shoot the slingshot and the camera snaps a photo. It could make for a fun gag camera, and luckily it’s nowhere near as morbid as this 1938 revolver camera.

Candid Camera with a Sling [Yanko Design]

Geeky Baseball Caps with Tripod Screws

Hatcams are a new line of custom baseball caps that have an industry standard 1/4 x 20 tripod mount thread built into the brim of the hat, providing a cheap way to create “helmet cam” videos. While the hat is designed for pocket camcorders like the Flip camcorder, any camera designed to work with a tripod should be mountable. Throw in a remote shutter release, and you’ll have a weird setup for point-of-view photography as well.

Sure it’s geeky, but who wouldn’t want to look like a digital unicorn? Check out how happy this woman is:

If you’re looking for a random gag gift for a photographer in your life that already has everything, this patent-pending $35 hat might be a pretty funny one.

(via Gizmodo)