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Facebook’s Buyout of Instagram Finally Receives Government Green Light

Facebook agreed to buy Instagram for $1 billion back in April, but the deal has been in limbo over the past four months while the Federal Trade Commission gave the deal a long look-over. Both online companies got goods news today when the FTC announced that the investigation has been completed, and that the deal may “proceed as proposed.”

The “as proposed” part is something that Instagram would probably love to change if it could. As we wrote a couple days ago, the fact that so much of the price was offered as shares of stock, coupled with Facebook’s plummeting ticker symbol, means that the $1 billion deal is now only worth around $750 million.
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Possible FTC Probe May Delay Closure of Instagram/Facebook Deal by Up to a Year

Those of you who were hoping that all of the Facebook/Instagram acquisition talk would end may not get a respite as soon as we thought. Although the original acquisition papers from Facebook stated that they would try to close the deal in Q2, a rumored Federal Trade Commission (FTC) competition probe may delay that closure by up to a year.

As of right now there’s no evidence that the probe poses any viable threat to the acquisition itself — apparently they’re quite common for deals over $66 million — but the inevitable red tape would add some serious delay to the whole matter.

Unfortunately, it looks like we may have to wait on that Instagram Snap camera.

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