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Photog Gives Father a Photo of His Dream Car for Christmas… Then the Actual Car

It being the day after Christmas, it’s only appropriate that we share an awesome story that involves the giving of an amazing gift. If we can throw in a behind the scenes look at a complex classic car photo shoot, well, that’s just a bonus. Read more…

Hasselblad vs Red Epic: Will Video Kill the Still Photography Star?

Video technology is advancing at an alarming rate, and the question that seems to be on many a photographer’s mind is: “will video ever render still photography obsolete?” In the future, will shooting a sunset simply involve going out and recording 30 minutes to an hour of video and then pulling your favorite frames into Photoshop or Lightroom? Well, that’s the question that this video from Fstoppers is trying to answer.
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How to Photograph a $380,000 Car with $60,000 in Lighting Gear

How would you go about photographing a $380,000 Lamborghini Aventador? Here’s an interesting behind the scenes video in which photographer Blair Bunting presents a step-by-step walkthrough of how went about doing it. He uses $60,000 in lighting gear, but also demonstrates how you can achieve similar lighting by light painting with a single softbox. Another neat trick is using a small light and a model car to plan your lighting setup prior to working with the actual car. The finished photograph can be seen here.

(via Fstoppers via DPS)

How to Wirelessly Tether Your Camera to an iPad Using an Eye-Fi Card

Here’s a quick tutorial in which photographer Lee Morris shows how you can wirelessly tether your camera to an iPad using an Eye-Fi card. Previously, you had to jailbreak your iPad to get this setup working, but now you can quickly set up a connection for transferring images to your iPad as you shoot them.

(via Fstoppers via DIYPhotography)

How to Shoot, Print, and Frame a Massive Photo on a Budget

Want to adorn a wall with a giant print using your own photography? Here’s a great video in which photographer Lee Morris shares how he shot, printed, and framed a massive 5-foot-wide panoramic print for less than $150 — super cheap compared to the $1,000+ you might pay to have it professionally done. After shooting multiple photos on a bridge in Rome, he merged the images using Photoshop, had a metallic print made by Bay Photo Labs, and then framed it using a large mirror he found at Bed Bath and Beyond. The final result is quite impressive!

Disclosure: Bay Photo Labs is a sponsor of PetaPixel

How to Use the Clone Stamp Tool in Photoshop

Here’s yet another awesome Photoshop tutorial by Sean Armenta showing how to use the uber-useful Clone Stamp Tool in Photoshop. He covers not just the basics of the tool, but also various tips and tricks you can use to maximize its usefulness.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out his Pen Tool and Healing Brush/Patch Tool tutorials as well.

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Man Finds His Photography Used Around the World Without His Knowing

This is the incredible story of how one man’s photography was used hundreds of times all over the world without his permission before he finally found out.

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How to Use the Healing Brush and Patch Tool in Photoshop

Like the Pen Tool tutorial we shared last month, here’s another awesome tutorial by Sean Armenta showing how to use the Healing Brush and Patch Tool in Photoshop. Perhaps these are two tools that you’ve never gotten around to learning how to use. If that’s you, watch this video and you’ll soon have two new weapons in your portrait retouching arsenal.

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How to Use the Pen Tool in Photoshop

Have you always wondered how to use the Pen Tool in Photoshop but have never gotten around to learning it? f stoppers published this uber-informative video tutorial by Sean Armenta teaching how it’s used and why it’s a tool that everyone should learn. The teaching is done on a Mac, so if you have a PC, just substitute CTRL for CMD and ALT for OPT.

Behind the Speedo Ad Campaign

Here’s a really neat video about the making of a Speedo ad campaign that is running all across Europe right now. The video traces the production from its conceptualization to its final post-processing and illustration. The actual shoot and filming took place at the Pinewood Studios Underwater Stage in the UK, where several major films were also shot, including many 007 and Harry Potter movies. It’s pretty remarkable to see so much equipment underwater.

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