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Wind, Water and Cold Temperatures Lead to Beautiful Photo of Frost-Covered Forest


While hiking in the Beskydy Mountains on the border of Slovakia and the Czech Republic last week, photographer Jan Bainar captured this stunning image of frost-covered tree trunks. Read more…

Gorgeous Photo of Martian Dunes Covered in Seasonal Frost


Captured on January 24th by the HiRISE camera onboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, this abstract photograph captures almost a mile of Martian sand dunes in just one of the many crater on the planet’s southern region. Read more…

Frozen Camera: What a DSLR Looks Like When Shooting in a -25°C Environment


Newer weatherproof compact and high-end cameras often feature “freeze-proofing” as one of their attributes, but unless you live in an extremely cold environment (or enjoy sticking your camera inside a freezer), you probably haven’t experienced temperatures low enough for even an ordinary camera to break down.

Swiss photographer Alessandro Della Bella has. The photographer above shows what one of his cameras recently looked like during a shoot in extremely low temperatures.
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