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Silhouettes of Swordsmen Framed by the Setting Sun

Using super-telephoto lenses to frame people against the rising moon has become quite popular as of late. Just last year we shared examples featuring people at a lookout, a high-line walker, and a mountain biker.

Photographer Göran Strand recently decided to take the idea a bit further by framing his subjects against the sun.
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History of Imaging: A Brief Look at Photography’s Roots

In Episode 1 of the Framed Network series Film, hosts and photographers Tanja Lippert, Ryan Muirhead and Tia Reagan take an in depth look at the history of photography. If you love the analog way of life then you’re going to want to stick around and watch the entire thing, because when Tanja, Ryan and Tia aren’t being a bit crazy, they’re sharing some really interesting information about the roots of film photography and, therefore, photography in general. People without a sense of humor beware, they can get pretty silly, but the end product is as much educational as it is fun to watch.

Framed: Short Film About a Photographer Shot Using an iPhone 4S

Framed is a beautiful and creative short film about a photographer taking pictures in the woods when he encounters something unexpected. French filmmaker Mael Sevestre filmed the entire thing using an iPhone 4S and built a custom rig for recording footage through the old twin lens reflex camera seen in the film.

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UK Project Turns Framed Photographs into Free Street Art

After the widespread looting that occurred in the UK recently, a guy named Mrog Deville was inspired to distribute photographic art to the masses. Through his project This Was Found, Deville makes prints of photographs, frames them, and then leaves them in various locations where you normally wouldn’t expect to see art. His hope is that either the works will be left untouched at those locations for the public to view, or that people take them home to treasure privately. Finders can also visit the website to report the print as being claimed.

This Was Found (via Resource Magazine)

Diana Toy Cameras Look Quite Beautiful When Framed

Lomography just announced this new Diana Deluxe Kit, which allows you to buy a complete collection of Diana toy camera goodies for a discounted price. Like many of the things we feature here on this blog, we think this looks a little too nice to use. You should just keep it framed and hang it up on your wall!

An Epic Way to Show Off Your Favorite Polaroid Photographs

Creating plexiglass clones of your Polaroid photos is a classy way of showing them off, but Lori Andrews’ (aka the 10 cent designer) has an equally awesome method: she picked 154 of her favorite Polaroid pics and had them neatly framed under glass for her kitchen.

Check out the digital versions of the photographs she used here.

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Image credit: polaroid ♥ by The 10 cent designer and used with permission