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Capture Flooded Views of Cityscapes by Getting Low Above Choppy Water


Photographer Rupert Jordan has been working on a quirky concept lately. He wanted to capture London’s landmarks in an “unusual way,” so he decided to use forced perspective to make it seem as if London is under water. Read more…

Sony’s Sensor Manufacturing Plant Hit Hard by Thailand Floods

Here’s a photograph by the The Bangkok Post showing Sony’s sensor manufacturing plant in Thailand submerged under flood waters roughly 3 meters (~10ft) high. The shutdown of the 502,000 square foot, 3,300 employee plant doesn’t just affect Sony, as other companies — including Nikon and Apple (in the iPhone 4S) — rely on Sony image sensors as well.

(via Bangkok Post via Nikon Rumors)

Image credit: Photograph by Pattarachai Preechapanich/The Bangkok Post