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New Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Now on Flickr, Reportedly Doubles Team

Update: The account has mysteriously vanished from Flickr. This suggests that it was either fake, or something that wasn’t meant to be as big of a news story as it was.

If you’re a fan of Flickr, then you’ll be happy to know that new Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has apparently created an account on the photo sharing service. Granted, the page only features a single portrait of Mayer from her days as a Google exec, but it’s an important first step. Neither of Mayer’s two predecessors (Scott Thompson or Carol Bartz) bothered to join the service.
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Scientist Discovers New Insect Species While Browsing Flickr Photos

California-based entomologist Shaun Winterton was browsing Flickr back in May 2011, when he discovered a new species of insect.

That’s right: he made a scientific discovery by simply looking at pictures online.
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Flickr Responds to “Dear Marissa Mayer”

Hey Internet… Flickr heard your plea for improvement and has responded with its own standalone page titled “Dear Internet“. The page is an open invitation to the Internet to help make the service better by applying for a job. We hear the site is looking to expand, and is looking for new rockstar employees to help it do so.

Dear Internet (via Wired)

P.S. Apparently Marissa Mayer will be getting paid $71 million for her help in reviving Yahoo. To put that into perspective, Flickr was purchased for $35 million back in the mid 2000s.

Does Flickr Have a User Engagement Problem?

Flickr users have made quite a commotion in the past couple days begging new Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer to make the photo sharing site “awesome again”, but how does one go about doing so? Mat Honan of Wired says that one of the site’s big weaknesses is user engagement, and conducted a test to prove his point:

I wanted to test out this notion. So at 3 p.m. on Tuesday I took a photo of a sticky on my desk and uploaded it to several photo-sharing services — Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Path. And just for kicks, I also uploaded it to MlkShk as an afterthought, almost a half hour after all the other platforms. MlkShk is a site with only about 20,000 users, but it’s a very engaged community.

[...] By the next morning Twitter was at 66, Facebook at 51, Instagram at 57, MlkShk at 46, Google+ at 19, and Path stalled out at 2. And Flickr, where it landed on the site’s “Explore” page that highlights the most interesting photos of the day? 23. Perhaps more damning than the poor showing in terms of up votes was how ignored it was in real-time. It was only even viewed a total of five times on Flickr in that first hour.

Online retailer Woot did a similar (unscientific) test earlier this month and also found that Flickr lagged behind the other social networks in terms of how engaged its users are.

Flickr’s Engagement Problem May Be Too Big for Even Marissa Mayer [Wired]

Image credit: Photograph by Mat Honan/Wired

Internet Asks New Yahoo CEO Very Nicely to “Please Make Flickr Awesome Again”

Of the 5 people to take over the job of Yahoo! CEO over the last 5 years, Marissa Mayer is making the biggest splash. Maybe it’s because she’s six months pregnant and firing up the “working moms” debate, maybe it’s because she’s worth an approximate $300 million, or maybe it’s because she was Google’s 20th employee who’s been doing great work over there since 1999. From a photography perspective, however, the Dear Marissa Mayer movement isn’t hurting either. Read more…

Postrgram Turns Your Instagram and Flickr Images into Photo Mosaics

Postrgram is a new service that turns your Instagram and/or Flickr photo collections into photomosaics, or giant photos composed of tiny photos. The process involves a few simple steps: tell the service your username (make sure you have at least 50 photos in your stream), specify the image you’d like as the main image, and the rest is taken care of.
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Flickr Partners with Nokia to Beef Up Maps and Geotagging

Flickr announced today that it has partnered with Nokia to overhaul its geotagging feature. The new maps and satellite images will offer increased coverage (e.g. bye bye photos in ambiguous blobs of land), detail, and zoom. The company isn’t turning its back on Open Street Map completely, though: the old map tiles will still be used in areas that aren’t covered by Nokia’s commercial maps.

(via Flickr Blog via Engadget)

Instagram Now Accepting Comments and Likes from the Browser

Watch out, Flickr — Instagram is coming for you. The popular photo sharing app has quietly updated its website to include commenting and liking on individual photo pages. Previously the website was “read only”, and any interaction with the social network was limited to its mobile interface. The new website, which also features larger images and a slick blue theme, suggests that the company may soon be breathing down Flickr’s neck by expanding beyond mobile. However, it still noticeably lacks profiles and photo discovery features.

(via The Next Web)

Flexplore is Like Pandora for Flickr Photos

Getting personalized recommendations for the music you listen to became common practice many years ago with the Music Genome Project and personalized radio stations by the likes of Pandora. Up until now, however, we haven’t seen anything that takes that same sort of technology and applies it to photography. That’s where Flexplore comes in.
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CloudPic: A Universal Adapter That Connects Your Camera to Your Phone

The ability to connect your camera to your smartphone wirelessly is starting to really gather some steam. Unfortunately, up until now, that technology usually required a WiFi connection and an adapter that often cost some serious dinero. But if all you’re looking to do is share the photos you take instantly sans WiFi network, you don’t have many options. Enter CloudPic Mobile. Read more…