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OWL is the World’s First Drop-In Filter Adapter That Lets You Swap Filters in a Flash


For telephoto lenses with huge front elements, screw-on filters aren’t very practical or economical. Thus, for certain lenses, companies like Canon and Nikon offer drop-in filters that slide into a slot close to the rear element.

There’s a new product that hopes to use this same style of filter for smaller camera-and-lens combos. Called OWL, it’s the first drop-in filter adapter.
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Xume Quick Release Adapter Takes the Pain Out of Changing Filters

Tired of having to screw lens filters on and off? The Xume Quick Release Adapter is a new filter mounting system that turns your screw-on filters into snap-on ones. It uses powerful rare earth magnets, and consists of an adapter for your lens and a holder for each of your filters. People who use a single UV filter for protection might not benefit much from this system, but if you constantly find yourself switching between different filters then this adapter could take a lot of pain out of the process. They’ve only released a 77mm adapter so far, with the adapter priced at $33 and the holder priced at $12.

Xume: Filter Mounting System (via Xatakafoto)