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Funny Music Video Tells You to Turn Your Phone 90º… Or Else

Author note: There is some NSFW language and violence in this video, might want to save it for home.

We’ve all seen our fair share of funny public service announcements extolling the virtues of turning your freaking phone so that you don’t shoot vertical video, but this PSA takes it a step further… in a musical, violent, shoot-horizontal-video-or-we’ll-hurt-you sort of way.

The two minute video starts off quite nicely, before quickly spiraling into a vertical video shooter’s worst nightmare. Give it a watch and be prepared for a laugh.

(via Photofocus)

Gorilla Films Itself with a GoPro Camera

How do you get a silverback gorilla to put a GoPro HD camera up to its face? Stuff the case full of raisins, of course!

This cheeky ape turned photographer for a day after being handed a high-definition camera by his keepers. Silverback gorilla Ya Kwanza, 27, happily snapped away at himself and his surroundings in his compound in Durrell Wildlife Park in Jersey. The gorilla even took a number of close-up shots before returning the camera to his keepers by throwing it over the wall of his enclosure. Staff at the park also captured the gorilla photographing himself with the indestructible camera, which was covered in honey and oats. [#]

Lesson learned: if you ever lose your camera to a silverback gorilla, ask nicely and they’ll throw it back.

(via Fstoppers)

Thanks for the tip, Joe!

Firmware Update Brings 24 FPS to the Canon 5D Mark II

When Canon released the 5D Mark II, many who wanted to utilize the HD-video recording capabilities were disappointed that it only offered 30 frames per second (fps) and not 24.

Today, after a long wait, Canon has finally released version 2.0.3 of the firmware that brings 24 fps (actually 23.976 fps) to the 5DMkII.

Here’s why this matters:

24 fps is a desirable frame rate because it delivers video that has a cinematic look and feel. Of course, many other factors contribute to giving video a “movie look”, but frames per second is a big component. Virtually every movie you see at the movie theater was filmed at 24 fps (also known as 24p).

On the other hand, most of the stuff you see on television is shot at 30 fps, which is closer to how our eyes naturally see. This means there can be less motion blur, making it more suitable for things such as sports and news. This is also why most TV shows don’t have a “movie feel” to them.

The problem is that video cannot be perfectly converted from 30fps to 24fps, or vice versa. Thus, those who used the 5D Mark II were either stuck with the native 30fps or less than ideal 24fps if they somehow convert it.

Now, with the firmware update, the 5D Mark II can naturally obtain the movie-like quality that many have waited so long for.

If you have a 5D Mark II, you can download the firmware update from Canon’s website.