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Facebook Quietly Adds Photo Filters to Primary iOS App

Facebook wasn’t content with beating out Twitter in the pursuit of Instagram: the company has now beaten Twitter in launching photo filters in its primary mobile app as well. Just days after The New York Times reported that Twitter will be adding retro filters to its mobile apps in order to compete against Instagram, Facebook has gone ahead and added Instagram-style filters to its official Facebook iOS app.
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Facebook Camera Renamed Camera•

After Facebook launched its own iOS camera app last month, many people were surprised that the app was simply named “Camera” on the home screen. To clear up confusion — and likely to prevent any trouble from Apple — Facebook has updated the app with a new name: Camera•. No word on how it’s supposed to be pronounced (“camera dot”?) but the change comes along with the latest update that includes more reliable uploads.

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Facebook Launches Its Own Camera App

Huge news came out of the Facebook universe today with little to no warning: Facebook has launched its own camera app. Seemingly out of nowhere, the social networking giant has launched its own “Facebook Camera” camera app that, of course, connects directly to your Facebook account, making it that much easier to take, upload, tag, and comment on your photos. Read more…