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Deal Alert: Get SanDisk 32 and 64GB SDXC Extreme Class 10 Cards at Steep Discounts


Today only, B&H is offering a rather nice deal on two of their 32 and 64GB SanDisk SDXC Extreme Class 10 SD cards. With maximum write speeds of 45MB/s, they’re a great option to have as either your main memory solution, or a back-up in bodies with dual card slots. Read more…

Photog and Kayakers Risk Life, Limb and 3rd Degree Burns on an Active Volcano


Action sports photographer Alexandre Socci along with kayakers Pedro Oliva, Ben Stookesberry and Chris Korbulic recently took a trip to Hawaii. But where most of us would spend our time on the beach or in a national park, they decided to brave the waters surrounding Kilauea, an active volcano on the southeast slope of Mauna Loa. Read more…

Photographer Ventures to Volcanos and Lava Flows in Hawaii


Hawaii-based photographer Sean King captures beautiful photographs of lava flows in Hawaii, venturing into locations where lava reaches temperatures of 2000°F.
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Interview with Action-Sport Photographer Tim Kemple

Tim Kemple is an action-sport and lifestyle photographer based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Visit his website here.

PetaPixel: Can you tell us a little about yourself and your background?

Tim Kemple: Sure. I’m a photographer and film maker based in Utah. I grew up on the East Coast and spent my weekends as a kid climbing, skiing and wandering. I started carrying a camera to document my adventures.
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The Ethereal World of Extreme Landscape Photographer Alexandre Deschaumes

Self-taught photographer Alexander Deschaumes only started making photos back in 2003, but his dedication to the craft and his thirst for jaw-dropping landscapes have brought him a long way since then. Deschaumes braves extreme weather and hazardous landforms, going to locations that many landscape photographers would never dare venture, all for the sake of his images. The 2-minute video above offers a look into his world of extreme landscape photography.
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GoPro Announces the HD Hero2 with Twice the Power of the Original

GoPro has unveiled the HD Hero2, the followup to the highly popular HD Hero from 2009 that has been adopted by daredevils around the world. The new camera is similar in design but offers major upgrades: more angles of view (90°, 127°, and 170°), 11-megapixel still photos (up from 5MP) at 10fps, a helpful LCD display instead of a single character code system, a mini-HDMI port, and a faster sensor that allows for faster frame rates (e.g. 960p at 48fps, up from 30).

The Hero2 is available in three different kits (outdoor, motorsports, and surf) for $300, and the price of the old Hero has been reduced to $200.

The Amazing Courage and Tenacity of a Conflict Photographer

The New York Times has a powerful piece about photographer Giles Duley. Duley was covering a patrol in Afghanistan back in February when he stepped on a bomb and lost an arm and both legs:

“I remember looking up and seeing bits of me and my clothes in the tree, which I knew wasn’t a good sign,” he said. “I saw my left arm. It was just obviously shredded to pieces, and smoldering. I couldn’t feel my legs, so straightaway and from what I could see in the tree, I figured they were gone.”

[...] Rather than tally what was missing, Mr. Duley counted what remained.

“I thought, ‘Right hand? Eyes?’ ” — he realized that all of these were intact — “and I thought, ‘I can work.’ ”

And work is what he plans to continue doing. Duley expects to be self-dependent within the year and to continue working as a photographer — perhaps even in Afghanistan. You can help finance Duley’s recovery and return to photography through this website.

Bomb Took 3 Limbs, but Not Photographer’s Can-Do Spirit [NYTimes]

How to Make a Photographer Promo Agencies Can’t Refuse

We’ve featured examples of creative photographer promos before, but this one by Casey Templeton takes the cake. He created it back in 2010 and mailed it to 300 of the top creative agencies around the country. His hard work sure paid off — check out all the responses that he got back at the end!

2010 Commercial Photography Self Promo (via f stoppers)

Holy Toledo! Spanish City Light-Painted by 50 Photographers and 3000 Flashes

Wanting to capture a nighttime panoramic photograph of Toledo, Spain in which darker areas were illuminated, the Photographic Association of Toledo decided to eschew HDR and attempt something new — light-painting on an epic scale. They enlisted the help of 50 association photographers who strolled around the city firing off their flashes multiple times per minute. The resulting photograph was illuminated by over 3000 flashes covering 100K square meters. Wowzers!

This Spanish blog has a detailed account of how the photograph was made, though you’ll have to have it machine-translated if you can’t read Spanish.

Pintando con luz toda una ciudad (via Strobist)

Meet Jim Reed, a Photog Who Grabs His Camera When People Run in Fear

Jim Reed is a photographer that does full-time storm chasing. When normal people are running away from things like hurricanes and tornados, Jim Reed grabs his camera, hops into his car, and sets out on a mission of making amazing storm photographs. The above video is a short segment by Good Morning America interviewing him and promoting his book. It sure takes nerve to head into photo shoots not knowing whether you’ll make it out in once piece.
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