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Rumble and Sway: An Epic New York City Time-Lapse ‘Mixtape’

It wouldn’t be the weekend without a little bit of time-lapse inspiration. So as you’re getting ready to enjoy another Sunday packed with football and fun, check out this epic NYC time-lapse and hyperlapse compilation put together by the guys over at The Seventh Movement. Read more…

How I Shot a Photo of Johnny Manziel for the Cover of ESPN The Magazine


With the college football season winding down, I had the assignment of covering the last Texas A&M home game. The last game I was available to shoot was the second to last home game against Sam Houston State University. This game was just a week after A&M upset the Alabama Roll Tide in Alabama, and Johnny Manziel was instantly catapulted into the rare position of becoming a freshman Heisman finalist.
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Greg Heisler BTS: Photographing Retired NBA Star Alonzo Mourning

“There’s the kind of lighting you do because you want it to look like ambient light. And there’s the kind of lighting you do just because you think it looks cool. This was [the latter].” That’s how Greg Heisler describes this photograph he took of now-retired NBA star Alonzo Mourning for ESPN magazine. Read more…

Famous Album Cover Photos Recreated with Famous Athletes


For a recent Music Issue of ESPN Magazine, photographer Mattias Clamer created portraits of 14 famous athletes in the style of iconic album cover photos. Clamer paid a huge amount of attention to detail, which resulted in many of the photos looking nearly identical to the covers they were meant to recreate.
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The Experience of Being the Only Photog to Shoot the Manti Te’o Interview


One of the biggest stories in the sports world over the past couple of weeks has been the hoax involving star football player Manti Te’o and a girlfriend that never existed. After the news spiraled into the national spotlight, Te’o agreed to an exclusive off-camera interview with ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap to explain his side of the story.

Although no footage was to be recorded at the interview, ESPN was allowed to capture the interview with a single still photographer. That photographer turned out to be University of Florida photojournalism student Ryan Jones.
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Sports Writer Poses Nude, Asks If Photo Makes Him Look Fat

Every year, ESPN releases a special Body Issue in which athletes pose nude — an edgy, artful response to Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue that focuses instead on the power and form of athletes’ bodies. Last summer, a sports writer stripped down for an interview with two NHL players, a turning of the tables on sometimes awkward locker room interviews. This year, ESPN columnist and senior writer Jim Caple stripped down for his own body images by sports photographer Rod Mar. Caple poses as nude Lance Armstrong, a doughnut and press pass version of Michael Phelps, plus some other memorable sports photographs.
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Shooting An Exploded View Motocross Bike for ESPN

Ever wondered how one of those exploded view photos comes together? Well, the above video by photographer Adam Voorhes should shed some light on the matter. When he was asked to photograph an exploded view of a Kawasaki motorcross bike for ESPN, he decided to put together this video that crunches 2 days worth of dismantling and hanging at Kawasaki headquarters in California into just under a minute.

If you like the video, be sure to check out his whole series of exploded views — ranging from an etch a sketch to a football helmet — over on his website.

Moto Explosion for ESPN (via ISO1200)