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15 Of the World’s Best Time-Lapse Artists are Trying to Help Save Earth’s At-Risk Environments

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Fifteen of the world’s most talented time-lapse artists are currently collaborating to try and shed some light on Earth’s most fragile and at-risk environments. The group is called CodeX, and the feature they hope to create together is going to be called X-plore.

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From Bottles to Wall Art: Adorn Your Walls with Prints Made from Recycled Bottles


Photography is one of the most powerful ways that ecological messages are transmitted. Photo series of landfills show us the issues we need to address, while beautiful landscape photography shows us what we should strive to preserve. But a UK company called Co2ncience is going a step further.

They’re actually merging eco-friendliness with photography in a very tangible way, by being the world’s first (by their estimation) to turn recycled plastic bottles into wall art. Read more…

Company Plans to Send 28 Tiny Satellites Into Space to Collect Aerial Photos


There are a couple of different types of imaging satellites currently orbiting our planet. On one end of the spectrum are specialized satellites that gather very high-resolution imagery in which you can identify objects as small as 3 feet across. On the other are the lower resolution satellites that beam down photos of larger areas.

California company Planet Labs wants to fill the space in-between, by providing an affordable middle-of-the-road option for companies interested in using it. To that effect, they’re planning on launching 28 tiny, mid-resolution satellites called “Doves” into space before the year is out. Read more…

Planking 2.0: Self-Portraits Show Woman Conforming to Her Environment

For her project titled Learning to Love the State I Am In, photographer Sam Schubert takes planking to a new level by putting her body in bizarre positions and locations in order to “integrate” herself into the materials and environments found in Baltimore.
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Arnold Newman and the Birth of the “Environmental Portrait”

Design director Wayne Ford has written up a great piece on the career of American photographer Arnold Newman, who was in the vanguard of the “environmental portrait” movement that emerged in the early 1940s.

By this point, [Alexey] Brodovitch — the indirect teacher — was very aware of the young photographers work and his growing reputation, and began assigning him regular portrait commissions for Harper’s Bazaar. One of these assignments was to photograph the Russian composer, Igor Stravinsky, which resulted in one of Newman’s most iconic images, although at the time it was rejected for publication. ‘Sometimes, as with his famous image of Stravinsky, he would have to recreate a natural habitat artificially,’ remarks Huxley-Parlour, ‘so he expressed his essence by placing him at a grand piano in an editor’s apartment,’ creating a strong, hard, linear composition, ‘very much like Stravinsky’s music.’

Arnold Newman and the development of the ‘environmental portrait’ (via A Photo Editor)

Image credit: Photograph by Arnold Newman

Photographer Chris Jordan Captures the Problem of Plastic in the Pacific

Photographer Chris Jordan uses his photography to bring awareness to a problem that many people have never heard about — baby albatross dying in the middle of the Pacific due to their parents feeding them plastic from the Pacific Garbage Patch. Jordan finds the carcasses of the baby birds scattered around the Midway Islands and captures how they died filled with plastic. Watching this video about his work will probably make you think twice about how you use and dispose of plastic.

Midway (via Fstoppers)