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Bad Engagement Photos Blog Shares the Most Cringeworthy of Engagement Pics


Once you’ve gotten to a certain level of proficiency as a photographer, it’s easy to forget how rough things looked when you first started out. Of course, that forgetfulness might be a good thing, but there’s a site out there that wants you to relive those moment by sharing them with the world. Read more…

Lady Flips Off Engagement Photo, Couple Finds it Hilarious


I suppose we all owe a small cultural debt to this anonymous older lady at a recent Colorado Rockies game. Thanks to her, we now know what the exact opposite of a photobomb looks like.

That would be having a cranky grandma type show up in the money shot of your carefully arranged proposal, flipping the bird at the camera to show exactly how she felt about the interruption. Read more…

How I Created a Series of Matching ‘Sexy’ Engagement Photos that Went Viral


I bought a used Mamiya RZ67 Pro II a month ago, a huge medium format studio SLR with a negative area a full five times larger than the sensor on a Nikon D800 or 5DMKIII “full frame” camera.

A decade ago, the kit I bought would have sold for 5 figures, but thanks to film’s loss in popularity, I was able to get it for less than a tenth of what it cost new.
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Film Noir-style Engagement Photos from a 1920s-Themed Shoot


Belgian photographer Filip Bunkens recently did an engagement photo shoot with a couple named Mattias and Adinda, who proposed that it be 1920s-themed. Last Sunday morning they gathered at a local jazz bar for the session.
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Tourist Snaps Stealthy Engagement Photos, Internet Searching for Couple

Update: According to an article published an hour ago by the Huffington Post, the couple has been found and given their images. Now they’re asking that their privacy be respected so they can plan their nuptials in peace. Thanks for the tip Capri!

While sightseeing in Washington DC, Angila Golik saw a man in military uniform and a woman in a white and black dress standing in the center of the rotunda of the War Memoria. At that moment she somehow just knew that he was about to propose. So when he pulled out a ring and slid it onto her finger she started snapping photos, capturing an intimate engagement that might otherwise exist only in the memory of those present. Read more…