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How to be an EVIL Photog for Dummies

Nice. The For Dummies series just added a Olympus PEN E-PL1 book to their extensive collection of digital photography instruction books, the first in the series for a Micro Four Thirds camera. Too bad they didn’t name the book “EVIL Photography for Dummies”, (though someone should write one with that title!).

Gigantic Stop-Motion PEN Commercial

Olympus’ most recent E-PL1 commercial, PEN Giant, is stop-motion with a big picture — or big pictures, literally. A total of 355 prints were made on billboards and shot again, all produced with the Olympus PEN.

Olympus has a way with narrative in their commercials.

The first PEN Story came out last July, and was a little over three minutes long, but comprised of some 1,800 photos of 9,600 prints, out of a total of 60,000 photos originally taken for the project. Yeah, it gets kind of meta.

Both commercials give a creative nod to Takeuchi Taijin. Takeuchi’s stop-motion, “Wolf and Pig” might look a little familiar, if you’ve seen the original Olympus PEN Story.

Olympus PEN Commercial with a Twist

Olympus’ new commercial for the Olympus PEN E-PL1 is pretty typical, except that it has an interesting twist at the end. It’ll probably make you want to watch the commercial twice.