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Photographer Catches Drone at Last Moment Before It Falls Into the Sea

Photographer Ryan Chatfield was recently flying his camera drone over a beach when it unexpectedly ran out of battery power and began an automatic and uncontrolled descent. Seeing his drone falling slowly into the ocean, Chatfield sprinted across the beach, over some rocks, and managed to catch the drone at the last moment before it hit the surface of the water.
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Blackmagic’s New Micro Cinema Camera Can Shoot 1080p RAW from a Drone


Blackmagic has unleashed a new “world’s smallest” camera at NAB 2015 in Las Vegas today. The new Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera is “the world’s smallest digital film action camera.” It’s a miniaturized Super 16 1080p RAW camera compatible with drones.
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Solo is a ‘Smart’ Camera Drone with Computer-Aided Flight and Picture Taking


The camera drone continues to heat up. Just days after industry heavyweight DJI announced its new Phantom 3 camera drone, 3D Robotics has unveiled what it calls “the world’s first smart drone.” Called the Solo, it’s a sleek “ready to fly” quadcopter that boasts computer-assisted flight and camera features.
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Chimpanzee Whacks Camera Drone Out of Mid-Air with a Stick

Pro tip: Don’t fly your camera drone too close to chimpanzees. They might knock it out of the air using a stick.

That’s what happened to one camera drone user over in the Netherlands while flying a drone in a zoo’s chimpanzee habitat. One of the chimps decided that “enough is enough” when it came to bearing with the pesky and loud flying object.
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Drone Photos from Around the World That May Not Be Legal to Shoot Anymore


After camera drones started taking off — both literally and figuratively — in the photography industry over the past few years, there was a brief window of opportunity for photographers to legally shoot aerial shots at many famous tourist locations around the world before authorities decided to make those spots off limits to drones.

Photographer Amos Chapple spent two years traveling the globe and doing as much drone photography as he could while “staying ahead of local laws against their use.”
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Eh? DJI Advertises the Phantom 3 As a Way to Capture Wedding Ceremonies

DJI announced the Phantom 3 yesterday, updating the world’s most popular line of drones with much fanfare. However, one of the “filmed on Phantom 3″ videos is drawing some ridicule and laughter.

In a short film titled “Lasting Love” (shown above), DJI touts the Phantom 3 as a great way to photograph and film indoor wedding ceremonies.
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DJI Announces the Phantom 3: 4K Video in the World’s Most Popular Camera Drone


Chinese drone maker DJI has just announced the latest version of its most popular drone line: the Phantom 3. The new camera drone offers professional-grade flight and imaging performance at consumer-level prices. With this update, 4K video recording finally arrives in the Phantom series.
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More Details on the Upcoming Canon 4K Camera


Late last month, at a press event in China, Canon showed off a glimpse of the 4K camera it’s planning to launch in the near future. At the time the camera was reported to have a 1-inch CMOS sensor, a fixed 10X lens (24-240mm equiv.), built-in W-Fi, and an external viewfinder. We’re hearing a few more details about the camera now as Canon gets it ready for an unveiling.
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The First Ever Phantom 4K 1000FPS Drone Footage

Crashing and destroying your drone is painful on your wallet, but it’s not usually the cost of a house. The video above is different. It’s documents the first ever drone flight to involve a Phantom 4K camera mounted to an Aerigon UAV.

“The title of this will either be ‘The most technical advanced drone camera flight of all time,’ or ‘The quarter-million-dollar crash’,” says one team member.
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This is What You Get When You Strap Fireworks to a Drone for Long Exposure Photos


Photographer Calder Wilson recently did some experimentation by attaching fireworks to a drone and then flying it around in a long exposure photograph. The results are beautiful to look at.
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