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Underwater Photos That Mimic the Look of Baroque Paintings

Hawaii-based photographer Christy Lee Rogers specializes in creating dreamlike photos of people underwater. Her project Reckless Unbound shows people swirling around one another while wearing colorful outfits. The photos are reminiscent of the paintings of old Baroque masters, who would often paint people floating around in heavenly realms.
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Dreamlike Photographs of Insects Found in a Garden

Malaysian photographer Peiling Lee captures beautiful, dreamlike macro photographs of tiny critters she finds in her garden. She uses a Canon 50D and a 100mm Macro lens. Her work reminds us of Nadav Bagim’s Wonderland project that we shared last year.
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Amazing Mini Landscapes Photographed Inside a 200-Gallon Tank

Photographer Kim Keever creates large scale landscape photographs using miniature dioramas. He first creates the topographies inside a 200-gallon tank, and then fills it with water. He then uses various lights, pigments, and backdrops to bring the scenes to life for his large-format camera to capture.
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Surreal Landscapes Created with Food

Foodscapes is a series by photographer Carl Warner in which he creates beautiful surreal landscapes using various foods. Warner starts by visualizing and sketching his ideas, which are then built on a large table in his studio with the help of his team. Large blocks of polystyrene are carved and covered with ingredients in order to make the hills seen in his photos, while shallow tanks are used to create lakes, rivers, and seas. Photographs for three different layers (foreground, middle ground, and background) are captured separately and then combined in post.
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Dreamlike Photomontage Art by Mattijn Franssen

Mattijn Franssen is an artist based in the Netherlands who combines his photographs into beautiful and surreal photomontages.
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Misadventures by Matt Sartain

“Misadventures” is a series of photographs by San Francisco-based photographer Matt Sartain that shows individuals on long and epic journeys through dreamlike landscapes to find a place to belong. We love the ethereal quality present in all of his photographs — especially the one above taken in Memory Glade on the Berkeley campus (Go Bears!).
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“Eye Candy” by Superfad is a Mindblowing Display of Creativity and Imagination

Sony recently hired Superfad to create a video for its global “make.believe” campaign, and got its money’s worth. This jaw-dropping video was created with a Phantom HD cinema camera shooting at 1,000 frames per second, and blends live action and CGI into ethereal scenes that are sure to leave you take your breath away.

An extra treat is a short behind-the-scenes video of how certain scenes were created. We are in awe.

(via Chase Jarvis)