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Behind the Scenes with Queenie Liao and Her Adorable Nap Time Photo Series


Chances are good you’ve already seen Queenie Liao’s touching nap time photo series Wengenn in Wonderland. Late last year, the series went viral as parents and photographers alike marveled at the creativity of this mother that brought her child’s nap time adventures to life using only her imagination and household items near at hand.

Now, thanks to the folks at Flickr, we get to go behind the scenes with Liao as she explains what the series is about and how it all comes together each day when Wengenn falls asleep. Read more…

Mother Turns Her Baby Boy’s Naptime Into Creative Dreamland Adventure Photos


Wherever you stand on the idea of having children, one of the advantages seems to be the infinite photographic possibilities opened up by having a cute child at your disposal. Whether you’re talking Photoshop trickery or just watching them grow up, we’ve seen plenty of creative and adorable photos and videos come out of the photographic parent/photogenic child relationship.

One incredibly creative example that is currently making the rounds on the Internet is mother and photographer Queenie Liao’s series Wengenn in Wonderland. Read more…

Diptychs of People and Their Dream Living Locations

Martino, iOS programmer. He is a dear friend, I met him at University. Sometimes he stoles my camera and takes strange pictures. His dreamland is Amsterdam.

Dreamland is a series of diptychs by Italian photographer Francesca Guadagnini that’s based around the simple question “where would you like to live?”. Guadagnini shot portraits of the subjects and then photos of their answers as well, creating images that offer a small peek into the brain and personality of each person.
Read more…