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Bridal Photos On a Burning Couch Make a Statement About Divorce Culture


It just started as a cool idea. New Zealand photographer Tom Hollow had a broken couch he needed to get rid of, and so he decided to burn it and take pictures. Then he decided to put a bride on it because, in his words, it “would look cooler with a bride.”

It wasn’t until after the shoot that he realized the images fit a particular storyline quite well: divorce. Read more…

Dramatic Wyoming Weather & Landscape Time-Lapse Complete with Meteor Shower

I don’t think we’ve referred to a time-lapse as “dramatic” before, but when it comes to photographer Nicolaus Wegner‘s most recent time-lapse creation, no other word fits quite as well.

Captured over 14 months in the Wyoming wilderness, beautiful motion landscape sequences are juxtaposed masterfully with weather that he calls ‘terrorific’ — terrifying, horrific and terrific all rolled into one — in Wegner’s Wyoming Wildscapes II. Read more…

Interview with ‘Radical Camp’ photographer Tina Schula


Born in Vienna and trained as a filmmaker in England, Tina Schula‘s photography combines cinematic techniques, portraiture, family stories and political history to create staged narratives of complex human drama. In 2009, she received her MFA in Photography from The School of Visual Arts in New York.

She was a finalist at Critical Mass 2013, Photoville 2012, The Print Center 86th International Photography Contest 2011, The Sixth Annual BamArt Silent Auction, Scope Basel 2010 and a winner of the  CCNY Darkroom Residency in 2010. Read more…

SNL Photographer Mary Ellen Matthews Talks Taking Pics of Celebrity Hosts

You know those sometimes stylish, sometimes dramatic, and often funny pictures of the celebrity hosts that come up every time Saturday Night Live takes or comes back from a commercial break? Well, ever since 1999, it’s photographer Mary Ellen Matthews who has been in charge of putting those together each week. And in this short video, Plum TV catches up with Matthews to ask her about her daily life at SNL. Read more…

How to Add Dramatic Colors to a Photo Using Adobe Camera Raw

Here’s a helpful tutorial by Tutvid that teaches how to give your photographs dramatic colors using only Adobe Camera Raw. If you’ve started shooting RAW but haven’t played around too much with ACR, this video is also a great primer for becoming familiar with the different panels and sliders.

(via Fotografia)

Hilarious Taiwanese Animation Reviews Apple’s History and Antenna Woes

While this isn’t exactly photo-related, a good number of our readers own iPhones and might appreciate this cheeky Taiwanese news rendition of the iPhone 4 “antennagate” situation that has been dominating tech news this past week. The animation was made by Next Media Animation, a company dedicated to making “the most dramatic” animations about current events and news.

Using Luminance to Darken Skies

I was over at Lake Tahoe attending my brother’s soccer tournament this past weekend, and took this photograph from behind the opponent’s goal:


I corrected a few things in Adobe Camera RAW, and this is the resulting image (hover over it to compare):


The difference isn’t too big. I just corrected a few things, and addressed a tiny bit of clipping in certain areas.

At this point, I wanted the sky to be a little darker and for the clouds to be more dramatic. This is where the luminance tab comes in. All you need to do to instantly make the sky more interesting is drop the slider for aquas and blues. In this case, I decided to drop them both to -50 (I like simple numbers):


Here is what this simple edit does to the final photograph (hover over it to compare):


Pretty neat, huh? Play around with the luminance slider, and you can do pretty interesting things with skies.