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Shocking Domestic Violence PSA Uses the Google Glass POV to Send a Message

Editor’s Note: The video below contains strong imagery. None of it is NSFW per se, but it might not be suitable for all viewers.

March 8th was International Women’s Day, and although Google Glass will no doubt be used in the future to document many a wonderful celebration on this day, this year it was instead used to send a strong, shocking message about domestic violence. Read more…

Photo Projects That Made For A Better 2013

Acknowledging the photo projects of 2013 that stand testament to the power of the still image

Dec 13, 2013 · Sarah Jacobs

PSA Uses ‘Photo a Day’ Concept to Draw Attention to Domestic Violence

Photographer Noah Kalina’s Everyday project features one photo of his face every day, and has been running since January 11, 2000. Kalina uploaded time-lapse videos created using the photos in 2006 and 2012, and both videos quickly went viral online. Not only did they amass millions of views, but they sparked a new phenomenon as well, as people around the world started snapping daily photos of their own faces and uploading similar videos to the web.

The video above is one that uses the same idea popularized by Kalina, except it’s very different from the rest (warning: it’s a bit disturbing).
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Domestic Violence Photo Essay Leads to Backlash Against Photographer


Ohio University graduate student Sara Lewkowicz recently published a disturbing and extremely controversial photo essay on domestic violence as part of Time Magazine’s LightBox series. The essay, which began as an assignment to document the stigmas associated with being an ex-convict, turned physical when the couple she had been photographing for months got into a violent fight right before her eyes.

The photo essay that resulted has caused no small amount of controversy on the internet, receiving over 1,500 comments from readers, many of which voiced their anger at the fact that Lewkowicz took pictures instead of intervening. Several of the photos show 31-year-old Shane physically assaulting his 19-year-old girlfriend Maggie while her 2-year-old daughter watched — many commenters expressed the belief that, in that situation, her camera could have been better used as a weapon. Read more…