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Mother Love: A Photographer’s Journey in the Reborn Subculture of Realistic Dolls


While pursuing a self-portrait project about motherhood, photographer Jamie Diamond stumbled upon the world of reborn dolls. These are realistic dolls that are made to look like actual babies as much as possible.

An entire subculture exists around this idea: the process of creating these dolls is called “reborning,” and the artists who create them are called “reborners.”
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Barbie Photo Fashion: 5-Megapixel Pics and a Built-In Chest LCD Screen

Toys are getting fancier and cameras are getting weirder. Mattel is set to launch a new camera barbie called Barbie Photo Fashion that’ll upgrade many a dollhouse with a human-shaped 5-megapixel digital camera. Unlike the soon-to-be-outdated Video Girl Barbie and its chest-cam, this new photography doll features a camera built into her back with the LCD screen moved to her frontside. She can store 100 photos, features a mini USB port on her lower back, and comes with 15 built-in photo “filters” — a must-have for toy cameras and apps these days. It’ll cost a cool $50 when it hits store shelves in the near future, though availability hasn’t been announced yet.

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Image credits: Photographs by Engadget

A Ragdoll for Your Camera Lens Cap

Here’s the latest innovation from Pentax: a puppet body for your lens cap! The “Cameraman” is a handmade puppet body that comes with a 52mm lens cap showing a smiley face. It costs ¥2,914, or about $32, and is only available for a limited amount of time.

There’s also about 100 different designs you can choose from, though we think it’d be cool if they offered a blank doll for you to draw your own design. It’d be like the Munny for cameras.

This is the same company that allows you to customize the colors of its entry level DSLR, the K-x.

Looks like Pentax is trying to differentiate itself from the competition with creativity and adding a “fun factor” to entry level photography.

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