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No Man’s Job: Portraits of Senegal’s Female Auto Mechanics


In 2011, award-winning ‘art documentary’ photographer Anthony Kurtz was volunteering in Senegal when he saw a clip about a female-owned shop in Dakar on a French television station. “When was the last time I saw a female auto mechanic?… Even in the US!” he wondered.

Thus was born the idea for No Man’s Job, a documentary portrait series that would shed light on women doing the “dirty or tough jobs” performed primarily by men. Read more…

Photog Denied Park Permit Because His Mirrorless Camera Lacks a Mirror

There was once a time when you could more easily spot a professional photographer simply by glancing at the camera equipment in a person’s hands. Was it a beast of a camera with a gigantic lens attached to it? You’re looking at a serious shooter. Is it a dinky pea shooter that is used with arms outstretched? The person is a tourist, newbie, or both.

Nowadays, as serious hardware and specs are increasingly found in smaller cameras and new types of cameras, the distinction is rapidly blurring and fading away. Unfortunately, there are people who still haven’t caught on to this fact. That’s what Gordon Laing, the founder of Cameralabs, found out the hard way earlier this month.
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