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Wedding Photograph Features a Hungry T-Rex Chasing the Bridal Party


Here’s a fun wedding photo idea we’ve never seen before: dinosaur photobombing. Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based wedding photographer Quinn Miller created the photograph above this past weekend showing a hungry (and massive) T-Rex chasing after a bridal party that’s running for its life.
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Amazing Light-Painted Dinosaur Photos

San Diego-based graphic artist Darren Pearson takes light-painting to a whole new level with his Light Fossil series — long-exposure photos with detailed dinosaur fossils carefully drawn into the frame.
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Hipster Dinosaur Loves His Polaroid Instant Film

Apparently there’s a series of hipster dinosaur coloring book photos going viral on the Interwebs. One of them (shown above) shows a T-Rex wearing hipster glasses and lamenting over the extinction of Polaroid’s classic instant film. BuzzFeed has a full collection of the drawings done by Molly Lewis.

Image credit: Photograph by Molly Lewis