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Photo Series Documents American Life by Capturing Families Eating Together


For the past decade, photographer Douglas Adesko has been creating a photo series that is half photography, half anthropological study. His series Family Meal captures families of all types, cultures and sizes sitting together and enjoying a meal. Read more…

Clever Still Life Photos of Tableware in the Form of Dining Attire

Dinner Etiquette is a project by Melbourne-based art director Sonia Rentsch and photographer Scott Newett that consists of clever still life photos of tableware that’s arranged to look like fine dining attire.
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A Gathering of Some Powerful People

Now here’s a photograph you don’t get to shoot everyday: the White House Flickr stream published a photograph of the most powerful man in the world having dinner with the most powerful people in Silicon Valley. In terms of photography-related technologies, what you see is Picasa on the left, iPhone and Facebook Photos on either side of the President, and Flickr in red on the far end.

Being present at meetings like this is yet another reason why it must be awesome to be Pete Souza, President Obama’s photographer.

Image credit: P021711PS-0705 by The White House