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The Photographic Dictionary Defines Words with User Submitted Images


The Photographic Dictionary is a project dedicated to defining English words “through the literal, figurative, and personal meanings found in each photograph.” Each word and definition in the dictionary is accompanied by a photographer-submitted image that illustrates it in some way.
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The Word ‘Selfie’ Has Officially Been Added to the Oxford Dictionaries Online


The Oxford Dictionaries is making headlines for its latest quarterly update, and it’s not because it decided to loosen the definition of “literally” a bit (that happened a couple of weeks ago). No, this time the dictionary is turning heads because it has added, among other words, the word “selfie.” Read more…

‘GIF’ Named Word of the Year by Oxford American Dictionary

GIF images may not be as suitable as formats such as JPG and PNG for displaying photographs online, but the format can now boast of one thing its rivals can’t: Word of the Year honors. The Oxford American Dictionary announced today that ‘GIF’ has been selected as its Word of the Year 2012.
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Complete Visual Dictionary Created Using Photos from Google Image Search

General consensus seems to be that a picture is worth a thousand words, in which case Ben West and Felix Heyes‘ unique take on the dictionary, complete with 21,000 entries, metaphorically contains closer to 21,000,000 words worth of content. That’s because their dictionary doesn’t hold a single word, only the first Google image search result for every word you might find in your regular Webster’s. Read more…

Fine Art Photos Printed Onto Vintage Dictionary Pages

Etsy seller missquitecontrary sells her fine art photographs printed onto vintage dictionary pages. You can try your hand at doing this yourself — just be sure to use archival inks and find an old dictionary or encyclopedia with thick pages.

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