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Incredible Satellite Image of Super Typhoon Haiyan Bearing Down on the Philippines


This unbelievable satellite photograph shows the sheer horrifying magnitude of Typhoon Haiyan, the terrible tropical cyclone that caused unimaginable damage to the Philippines yesterday (you can see the full resolution image here). Read more…

Aerial Photos Capture the Damage Left in the Wake of Colorado’s Fires and Floods


Over the course of 2013, the beautiful state of Colorado has been ravaged by many fires and, most recently, devastating flooding as well. When it comes to capturing this kind of mass-scale destruction in photographs, the best option is to take to the skies, which is exactly what aerial photographer and Colorado resident John Wark has been doing.

As wildfires and flooding took their turns on the Colorado landscape, Wark captured it all from his Husky A1, compiling all of the photos into two series titled Colorado Flood of 2013 and Colorado Wildfires. Read more…

Photo Captured from Space Shows Destructiveness of Tornado

NASA captured this incredible photograph of the tornado that tracked across Massachusetts last week, showing the storm’s destructiveness as seen from space. The Westfield-Charlton tornado remained on the ground for an hour and ten minutes, carving a 39-mile-long path of destruction into the ground that was half a mile wide at some points.

Tornado Track near Sturbridge, Massachusetts (via Popular Photography)