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Look! Up in the Sky! It’s a Bird. It’s a Plane. It’s an Aperture!

This “Sky Aperture” t-shirt is a nice way to sport some photography-related apparel without being too geeky. You can grab it now for $20 over on Threadless, though if you wait you might be able to grab it for $5 or $10 during a sale.

Neat Look at the WVIL Concept Camera

We covered the WVIL (wireless viewfinder interchangeable lens) concept camera at the beginning of the year when the design team behind it released a fake video of it being showed off at CES 2011. The above video is another neat glimpse at the supposedly patent-pending design, which puts all the camera functions in the lens itself, leaving the camera body to function as a wireless display and control panel. What do you think of the idea?

WVIL (via PhotoWeeklyOnline)

Hitch Concept Camera for Capturing Memories at Group Events

At weddings, guests are often given disposable cameras that they can use to capture memories from their vantage point, but collecting and processing them afterwards can be a hassle and it’s definitely not something that has caught up with our digital photography age. Hitch is a concept camera idea by industrial design student Martin Spurway that makes a lot of sense — guests at an event are given simplified digital cameras, and photographs from the cameras are automatically collected when the camera is placed on a special dock.
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Nikon D800 Concept Features Detachable LCD Screen and Swiveling Grip

TechnoFotografia created a concept design for the yet-to-be-announced Nikon D800 DSLR. One of the novel features dreamed up for the design is a LCD screen that can be detached from the camera and used remotely (seen above). If this were to ever exist on a DSLR, losing the screens would be an issue, and replacing them would likely cost a fortune.
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Another Concept Design for Digital Film

One of the biggest hits this past April Fool’s Day was RE-35, a futuristic cartridge that transforms any 35mm film camera into a digital one. As the website went viral, many people actually thought it was a real product, prompting the design company behind the design to issue a notice on the website explaining that it was fake. As stated by numerous readers, digital film isn’t exactly a new idea — an actual company called Silicon Film attempted this product about a decade ago (and even gave a demo at PMA 2001) but ran into “storage, battery, environment and sensor size limitations“.

Judging from the response to this April Fool’s Prank, however, it’s pretty clear that this is an idea that would be enormously popular with photographers if it were to actually exist and perform reasonably well. The above illustration is another concept design for “digital film”, created by students of Hongik University for the iF Design Awards this year.
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Pentax Teams Up with DC for Superhero Faceplates for the RS1500

Pentax is super big on the customization and design aspect of cameras (much to the annoyance of photography purists), offering colorful DSLRs and all kinds of strange special edition ones as well. Now, with the introduction of customizable faceplates on the RS1500, they’ve discovered a new way to make money from their camera lines — special faceplates made by other companies. They just announced today that they’ve partnered with DC Comics for a custom faceplate pack. Available for £120 (~$200) starting in May, each pack includes 7 superhero skins, a 4GB SD card, and a Green Lantern carrying case. Fun idea, but the price is a bit steep if you ask us…

(via Foto Actualidad)

Cardboard Hasselblad Pinhole Camera

Designer Kelly Angood created this cardboard pinhole camera that looks exactly like a Hasselblad medium format camera. The design is screen printed onto the cardboard, and the camera accepts 120 film. See sample photographs shot with this camera over on Angood’s website.

Pinhole Hasselblad (via Make)

Update: Angood published a PDF with templates and instructions for those of you who want to make your own.

Old Navy Follows in Gap’s Footsteps and Uses Photo without Permission

Last month we reported that a Flickr photographer had found his photograph of a car being used as a Gap clothing design without his permission. It now appears that appropriating images from the web wasn’t limited to that design, nor just the Gap brand — Old Navy, another brand owned by Gap, is now being accused of stealing a car photograph as well. A photographer was strolling around in an Old Navy store in El Centro, California when he came across a shirt that he just couldn’t stop staring at. It featured a Land Cruiser that look remarkably similar to one he had photographed before.
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Evolution of Canon’s Name and Logo

Did you know that Canon’s first logo back in 1934 depicted Kwanon, the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy? Kwanon was actually the brand name used until they began thinking about expansion:

When the Company sought to begin full-scale marketing, it needed a brand name that would be accepted by people worldwide. From this standpoint, in 1935 the name Canon was registered as the official trademark. The word Canon has a number of meanings, including scriptures, criterion and standard. The trademark was therefore worthy of a company involved with precision equipment, where accuracy is fundamentally important. It also embodied the Company’s desire to meet world-class criteria and industry standards. And since Canon and Kwanon had similar pronunciations, the transition went smoothly. [#]

Not a bad decision if you ask me…

(via Hongkiat)

Displaying Vintage Cameras in Frames

Not sure what to do with your vintage camera collection that’s sitting around gathering dust? Try displaying them on your wall in frames!

(via KEH Blog)

Image credit: vintage camera display by Tim Melideo and used with permission