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Deceptively Beautiful Food Photos Feature Meals Made of LEGO, Sponges, Shaving Cream and More


Second to actual food, there’s nothing more appetizing than feasting your eyes on some beautiful food photography. Perfectly-crafted meals with just the right amount of sauce and the perfect garnish all contribute to the mouth-watering photography we come across.

This series from Australian photographer T.Q. Lee, however, is going to require a second look. Because if you look closely, you’ll quickly realize that these are not the kinds of meals you want to sink your teeth into. Read more…

Delicious Canon Rebel XT Cookies

Check out these Canon Rebel XT cookies made by CookieJan’s Creations. They’re 3D, with 67mm “zoom” lenses attached, and are tasty for both the mouth and the eyes.
Read more…