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Vintage Photos Turned Into Superhero Ancestor Portraits

Foto Marvellini, an art workshop based in Milan, came up with the interesting idea of collecting vintage portraits and transforming them into photos showing the ancestors of Marvel superheroes. Eventually the project, began including characters from DC Comics and Japanese anime as well.
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Pentax Teams Up with DC for Superhero Faceplates for the RS1500

Pentax is super big on the customization and design aspect of cameras (much to the annoyance of photography purists), offering colorful DSLRs and all kinds of strange special edition ones as well. Now, with the introduction of customizable faceplates on the RS1500, they’ve discovered a new way to make money from their camera lines — special faceplates made by other companies. They just announced today that they’ve partnered with DC Comics for a custom faceplate pack. Available for £120 (~$200) starting in May, each pack includes 7 superhero skins, a 4GB SD card, and a Green Lantern carrying case. Fun idea, but the price is a bit steep if you ask us…

(via Foto Actualidad)