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Slit-Scan Technique Makes Dancers Look Like Human Slinkys

Slit-scan imaging can make for some pretty trippy photos and videos. The technique involves capturing (or displaying) one “slit” at a time through a frame, causing motion to take on a bizarre appearance as each line in the image shows a slightly different moment in time. French filmmakers Adrien Mondot and Claire Bardainne used the technique a couple of years ago for the video above, which makes two dancers look like human Slinkys.
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The Beauty and Power of Dance Captured in Photos Using Powder

German photographer Geraldine Lamanna has a great series of photographs titled “Powder Dance” that captures the elegance and powder of dance using white powder. Inspired by the music video for the song “Rolling In The Deep” by Adele, Lamanna coated dance instructor Olivia Maciejowski and two her dance students with powder, and then had them bust out their moves for the camera. The resulting photographs are meant to show “echoes” of the movement.
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Eye-Popping Dance Video Created with a Giant 59-Foot-Tall Kaleidoscope

What do you get when you cross a camera, dancers, and a gigantic 59-foot-tall kaleidoscope? “The Power of X”. This amazing dance video was created for TEDxSummit conference that was recently held in Qatar, and was created without any computer trickery. Everything you see in the video is what the camera captured through the kaleidoscope on a massive soundstage. To see how it was created, check out the behind-the-scenes video.

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100 Years of East London Fashion, Dance, and Music in 100 Seconds

Here’s a super creative video that attempts to capture 100 years of East London fashion, dance, and music in just 100 seconds. Reminds me of Rick Mereki’s amazing “Move” short that we featured earlier this month, except this video travels through “time” rather than space.

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Faking Slow Motion Through Dance

Who needs an uber-expensive Phantom camera or fancy slow-mo software when you can fake the effect with dance? This doesn’t have anything to do with photo gear or software, but we found it interesting since we’ve been sharing a lot of slow motion work lately. These are music videos for songs from retired MMA-fighter Genki Sudo‘s album “World Order”. The name of the dance group is “World Order” as well.
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Stop-Motion Music Video Nominated for Grammy, Prints for Sale

Israeli singer-songwriter Oren Lavie teamed up with photographer Eyal Landesman to create an imaginative music video for “Her Morning Elegance”, which was recently nominated for the Best Short Form Music Video Grammy award.

The video is comprised of a striking 2,096 still images strung fluidly together, according to the Her Morning Elegance Gallery website.

Photographer Landesman spent time as a photojournalist, but found his passion as a dance photographer. Landesman said in an interview with Jerusalem Post:

“I had done some work in stop motion for a project in the Acre Festival a few years ago, but I didn’t really know the term for it,” said Landesman. “When I sat with Oren, Yuval and Merav, and we worked out the storyboard and the whole concept, I began to understand – I never knew it had a title.

“As a photographer, I try to capture the moment. But what happens when the moment is 100 images per second? I had to rethink a lot of what I knew and work with a timeline, and think about what was before and what’s going to come after, and after that, for 2,000 photos. It was a totally different way of thinking.”

Landesman and company have dreamed up an interesting way to monetize and distribute his project: by deconstructing and selling each individual still image as 2,096 separate pieces of art.

Starting today, individual images can be purchased for $250 from the Her Morning Elegance Gallery site, and can be viewed in person at the physical art gallery, Space F2/Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, California.