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Comparing Burst Mode Shutter Speeds of Various Nikon DSLRs

Last Friday, we shared a video that compared the burst mode shutter speeds and sounds of various Canon DSLRs, and lest Nikon fanboys think we’re biased towards one brand or another, here’s a similar video by YouTube user bauercti that does the same thing for several of the camera’s in Nikon’s lineup. Read more…

Dropping Your DSLR Down a Mountain Can Be Bad for Its Health

One of the questions that comes back most often when people learn what I do for a living is: how do you manage not to drop your camera? Up until Saturday, I could (somewhat smugly) answer that I am being very careful and have been lucky so far.
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Nikon D700 Now Officially Outdated, D800 Primed for Launch on Feb 7th

Nikon is now including the D700 in the discontinued products section of its Japanese website. The camera will be replaced with the 36MP D800, which will be unveiled on February 7th. What’s slightly surprising is the fact that the D300S has also been “discontinued”, even though we haven’t heard much so far about its successor.

(via Nikon via Engadget)

$11,000 in Camera Gear Destroyed in a Split Second at Drag Race

Mark J. Rebilas was shooting a drag race with a remote camera rig recently when an out-of-control dragster flew into the rig at high speed. In a split second, he lost $11K worth in camera gear, including a Nikon D700 with battery grip, a Nikon 400mm 2.8 lens, and a Pocket Wizard Plus receiver. He should have outfitted the rig with an “ejection seat”.

If you’ve ever wanted to see what the innards of a Nikon 400mm look like, check out the above video.

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