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Clever Fashion Photographs in the Style of Picasso Paintings


Madrid, Spain-based photographer Eugenio Recuenco shot a series of fashion photographs that pay homage to Pablo Picasso’s paintings.
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Portraits of Ladies in Cardboard Outfits

Dame di Cartone (“Cardboard Ladies”) is a project by Swiss-Italian photographer Christian Tagliavini in which he creates portraits of women that mimic the look of historical paintings. The styles include 17th century, fifties, and cubism.
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“Chrono Cubist” Photos by Diego Kuffer

For his “In Transit” series, Diego Kuffer takes multiple photographs of scenes, then creates neat-looking composite images afterwards. Kuffer tells us,

The idea behind the series is all about time, but in a more condensed way, also known as “moments”. I wanted to capture a moment with photography, but it only allowed me to get instants. So I decided to use the idea behind the movie making techniques (a great way of capturing moments) and apply it to photography. So, I took several snapshots of the same scene, sliced them horizontally and vertically, and assembled them in to a single one, chronologically. I like to think about these grammar as Chrono Cubism.

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