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Find Momo: A Canine ‘Where’s Waldo’ in the Real World


Here’s a creative project by visual artist Andrew Knapp and his puppy (all dogs are puppies… no matter how old) Momo. Remember those ‘Where’s Waldo’ books that used to keep you unendingly entertained and frustrated in the waiting room of your local doctors office as a kid?

Find Momo is like that. Except for instead of Waldo in a massive colorful crowd, we have Momo patiently sitting camouflaged in various Instagram photos. Read more…

Awesome Single Exposure “Portal” Light Painting Picture

If you’ve ever played the video game Portal you’ll know how addicting it can be. Sort of like a first person puzzle, the game and its sequel require you to use a portal gun to create linked “portals” through space in order to get out of sticky situations. Well, photographer Jeremy Jackson had an interesting idea: why not recreate the world of Portal with a well-planned light painting exposure?

The result, which you can see above, was actually shot as a single exposure using a Canon T1i and a manual 14mm f/2.8 lens. It took 357 seconds and one mid picture aperture change to get both the portals and trees lit properly, but there’s no denying the photo does the job and, according to Jackson, was a blast to shoot.

(via DIYPhotography)

Image credits: 154/366 – The Portal is a Lie? by Jeremy Jackson and used with permission

A Game of Hide and Seek Through The Eyes of a Toddler

Photographers and cinematographers are infamous (or maybe just famous) for using their children to create sometimes moving, sometimes cute, but always creative photo and video projects. Take, for example, Dutch photographer Frans Hofmeester’s time lapse of his daughter from birth to age 12.

Filmmaker Daniel Brace, however, took a different approach: he strapped a GoPro to a helmet on his 2-year-old daughter’s head and proceeded to play a lively game of hide-and-seek. The video really requires no more introduction than that, except maybe to say that if this doesn’t make your heart melt, we don’t know what will.

(via TogTech via Gizmodo)

SnapFocus: An Innovative Follow Focus With Bicycle Brake Levers

Filmmaker Brandon Davis Cole’s interesting take on the traditional follow focus does something that few, if any, products have ever thought to do — integrate bicycle technology into DSLR cinematography. Cole essentially reinvented the follow focus. By instituting a “brake lever” system, the SnapFocus allows cinematographers to keep their camera steady and pull focus quickly and easily to wherever it’s needed, all without ever moving your hands from the SnapFocus handles.
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Twig is a USB Cable that Doubles as a Tabletop Tripod

Here’s an interesting product idea by Oregon-based designer Jason Hilbourne that combines a charging cable and a mini-tripod into an easy-to-use, pocket-sized device. His project, dubbed Twig, is specific to the iPhone and has already gotten quite a bit of attention. With 56 days to go the Twig has already secured $64,000 in funding — putting it a whopping $14,000 past its goal. But more-so than its iPhone functionality, for us the intriguing thing is to see if anyone takes this idea and runs with it, creating similar products for compact cameras. Read more…

Coating Models with Powder for Action Dance Shots

As behind-the-scenes videos go, this one is pretty short, but it still offers an interesting look at how photographer Thomas David put together his popular Dust and Dance photo shoot. Obviously there was some post processing involved to go from initial image to final product, but it’s always great to see a talented photographer put a novel idea into action.