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Brand Licensing and the Nikon Phone


By this point, the crippling blow dealt to compact cameras by the rise of smartphones is old news, but camera manufacturers are now mounting counterattacks. They’ve certainly suffered for long enough. Sales for compact cameras fell by 30% in 2011 alone, and kept on falling. They’re at 102 million units for this year, compared to 144 million units just three years ago. Read more…

End of the Road: Zeiss Ikon Rangefinders To Be Shuttered

After bidding farewell to the Super Wide and Silver editions of its Zeiss Ikon 35mm rangefinder earlier this year, Cosina is officially saying goodbye to the last of the Zeiss Ikons, relegating the whole line to the history books. The news, which began as a rumor based on this tweet by one of Cosina’s retailers, has since been confirmed by The Phoblographer with the company itself.
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Old Camera and Tripod Turned into an Awesome Desk Lamp

Kirsty over at kootoyoo transformed her old Cosina CT-2 into a neat desk lamp that emits light from inside the lens. The legs on the tripod can be adjusted, so it can be used as a floor lamp as well. It’d be awesome if she could make it so adjusting the aperture on the lens would change the brightness of the light. Kirsty is currently writing a tutorial that’ll teach you how to make your own — it’ll go on sale starting next week.

Camera – light – action… (via Craft via Make)

How the Voigtlander Nokton 25mm f/0.95 Lens is Assembled

Here’s an interesting video that walks through how the highly regarded — and fully manual — Voigtlander Nokton 25mm f/0.95 lens for Micro Four Thirds cameras is made at the Cosina plant in Nagano, Japan (jump to 2:30 to skip the intro). It’s interesting how each of the 10 aperture blades must be carefully set in the lens using tweezers.

(via Foto Actualidad)