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Stop-Motion Parkour: A Dizzying Parkour Fight Scene Done Entirely in Stop-Motion

The guys behind the popular YouTube channel Corridor Digital are not Parkour masters. They’ll never be captured on camera majestically leaping impossible distances because… well… they can’t.

But as you can see from the video above, a little bit of stop-motion photography is all they need to bridge the gap between Parkour amateur, and Parkour master. Read more…

Superman View: Creative GoPro Video Lets You Fly Around as the Man of Steel

Silly but cool, that’s the best way to describe the video above. Put together by the good folks at Corridor Digital, this is a POV video unlike any other, because the view you’re getting is out of Superman’s eyes as he flies around Los Angeles. Read more…

Trippy Short Film Featuring a Reality-Freezing Canon DSLR

Video effects team Corridor Digital created this clever short film titled “Photoreal” featuring a magical Canon DSLR that creates floating planes of frozen reality.

(via Photoxels)