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Cookie Cutters for Making Cute Cameras You Can Munch On

Udi over at DIYPhotography has announced a cookie cutter set you can use to make camera shaped cookies. Each set contains 3 cutters shaped like three types of cameras — SLR, TLR, and Rangefinder — and costs $18.

Camera Cookie Cutters [DIYPhotography Store]

How to Create Artificial Sunlight on an Overcast Day Using a “Dingle”

In this video, UK photography instructor Damien Lovegrove demonstrates how you can add some pseudo-sunlight to portraits by simply placing some weeds or part of a bush — which he calls a “dingle” — between an off-camera flash and your subject.

(via Fstoppers)

Delicious Canon Rebel XT Cookies

Check out these Canon Rebel XT cookies made by CookieJan’s Creations. They’re 3D, with 67mm “zoom” lenses attached, and are tasty for both the mouth and the eyes.
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A Camera Cookie That’s Too Good to Eat

cookieboy makes awesome cookies, and we especially love this super detailed camera cookie he created. It even has a camera strap attached!

Camera (via Photojojo)