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Joby GorillaPod Micro Tripod Designed to Become Part of Your Camera

There’s plenty of mini-tripods out on the market, but Joby’s new GorillaPod Micro tripods are special in that they’re designed to stay attached to your camera at all times. The legs fold up neatly when not in use, allowing you to stick your camera into your pocket or a case without having to remove the tripod. It features zinc alloy legs, rubber feet, and a head that offers 36-degrees of tilt-motion.

The tripod comes in two models: the $20 Micro 250 supports 250g and is meant for compact cameras, while the $30 Micro 800 supports 800g (~1.8lb) and can be used with larger mirrorless cameras.

Thanks for the tip, Bryn!

Samsung Unveils PL90 with Flip-Like Built-In USB Connector

The Flip Video camcorder has had a convenient built-in USB connector for quite some time, so why not compact cameras? Today Samsung announced the PL90, a 12.2 megapixel compact shooter that offers a convenient USB plug built into the body of the camera. Gone are the days of carrying around a separate cable or card reader, or having to have a computer with built-in card slots.

Aside from the nifty connection, the camera is pretty ordinary on other fronts. It has a 2.7 inch LCD on the back, offers 4x optical zoom, and supports 640×480 video recording at 30fps or 15fps (what? no HD?). It’ll hit the market next month at an entry-level price of $150.

We’ll likely see more and more compact cameras offering this kind of connection in the near future.