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Humor: The Difference Between an Artist, a Photographer, and a Photoshopper

Here’s an oldie but goodie. Published back in January of 2010, this little What the Duck strip breaks down the difference between an artist, a photographer, and a Photoshopper in humorously simple terms. A good little laugh for your Sunday before we dive into another intense work week.

To see more from What the Duck, click on the photo above, check out our interview with WTD creator Aaron Johnson, or head over to the comic strip’s website here.

(via OneSlidePhotography)

Horror-Themed Engagement Photo Shoot Presented as a Comic Strip


Here’s an interesting idea for engagement photographers looking to try something different. This Hungarian couple not only decided to do a horror-themed engagement shoot (something we’ve seen before), they took it one step further by turning the whole thing into a short horror-themed engagement comic. Read more…

The Truth Behind Instagram Photos

The truth behind Instagram photos

Andy Pandy of Pandyland drew this humorous strip titled “Instasham” that shows what goes on behind Instagram photos — and online photo sharing in general, for that matter. Pardon the language.

Instasham by Pandyland (via Laughing Squid)

How Photography Geeks See the World

There comes a point where your obsession with photography becomes a problem for those around you.

Car Problems by XKCD (via Gizmodo)

New Year’s Photo Resolution Joke

Here’s the proper way to respond whenever you’re asked what your photo resolutions are for 2012.

(via What the Duck)

Photography For Lazy Photoshoppers

This is what happens to your photography when you grow in both Photoshop skills and laziness.

Fall Foliage [xkcd]

P.S. Someone should start an xkcd-style webcomic geared towards people who love photography. That would be awesome.

When I Grow Up, I Want to Be a Photo Booth!

Twaggies are fun little comics based on unique Tweets found on Twitter. The above is Twaggie #217, based on this Tweet by @mollymcnearney:

I bet every porta potty dreams of someday being a photo booth.

You can even have this design printed on a t-shirt through their online shop.

(via Laughing Squid)

Turn Your Picture Frame into a Comic

You’ve all seen multi-photo picture frames before, but the “Comic Strip Picture Frame” goes a step further by providing 45 speech bubble stickers (and a pen) that allow you to turn the frame into a comic strip. You can buy one for $18 over on Perpetual Kid — or you can just take this idea and create your own speech/thought bubbles.

Comic Strip Picture Frame (via Boing Boing)

Why Some Women Have Perfect Smiles in Every Group Photo

Pearls Before Swine has an interesting theory regarding why young women seem to always know when they’re being photographed, stick their heads together, and bust into picture perfect smiles.

I guess that makes sense.

(via Gizmodo)