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Comic: The Difference Between Taking Analog and Digital Photos


Here’s Shoebox’s humorous take on the difference between film and digital photography.

Taking Pictures: Film vs Digital [Shoebox via Laughing Squid]

Comic: The Instagram Hoopla Translated Into a Real-World Allegory

I'm gonna call the cops and get Chad arrested for theft, then move all my stuff to the house across the street. Hopefully the owners there are more responsible.

After the Instagram Terms of Service controversy erupted this past week, Randall Munroe of XKCD published the comic above that offers his take on what’s going on (pardon the language). Here’s the explain xkcd explanation:

In December 2012, Instagram changed their terms of service (ToS), allowing the network to sell user-uploaded images, without profit to the content generators. This infuriated many users, who closed their accounts or stopped uploading images. Craigslist is a website for the US and Canada where individuals can contact others interested in buying or selling goods.

The title text notes two flaws in the logic of disgruntled Instagram users. You cannot accuse Instagram of stealing because it was you who gave them the images in the first place. And it is irresponsible to assume that this will not happen if you give your photos to another social networking company.

The title text, which appears if you hover your mouse over the comic, reads: “I’m gonna call the cops and get Chad arrested for theft, then move all my stuff to the house across the street. Hopefully the owners there are more responsible.”

Comic: Willingness to Pay Through the History of Photography

Here’s a humorous What The Duck comic that perfectly captures the general public’s perception of photography. Soon photographers will be paying clients to make pictures.

(via DIYP)

The Visual Field of the Human Eye

Visual Field

Randall Munroe over at XKCD posted this fascinating comic today that demonstrates some of the peculiarities of human vision. Roll up a piece of paper to set your eyes the correct distance from the screen, and then observe how they perceive things like detail, color, polarization, and more. Click the image above for the large version.

Visual Field by XKCD (via Boing Boing)

Things Don’t Seem Wonderful If You’ve Seen Them All Your Life

Here’s a wonderful cartoon drawn by John T. McCutcheon back in 1912 that’s just as true today as it was back then. It’s a great explanation for why the “vintage film” look offered by the likes of Instagram has become so popular.

(via @CenturyAgoToday via Laughing Squid)

How Photography Geeks See the World

There comes a point where your obsession with photography becomes a problem for those around you.

Car Problems by XKCD (via Gizmodo)

Comic: Canon, Nikon, and iPhone

A funny photography-related remix of a well-known Dueling Analogs comic.

(via Dueling Analogs via Reddit)

New Year’s Photo Resolution Joke

Here’s the proper way to respond whenever you’re asked what your photo resolutions are for 2012.

(via What the Duck)

Comic Strip: Photography Job Interview

Here’s a comic strip titled “Photography Job Interview” by Endless Origami.

This is the kinda stuff I’m talking about, and this, and this. And it’s all taken with this little nifty program that makes everyones photos feel artsy.

Last year photojournalist Damon Winter used Hipstamatic while covering the war in Afghanistan and subsequently had his photos published on the front page of the New York Times. David Guttenfelder, Teru Kuwayama and Balazs Gardi are three other photojournalists who have used iPhone filter apps to document the war.

(via YLovePhoto)

Photography For Lazy Photoshoppers

This is what happens to your photography when you grow in both Photoshop skills and laziness.

Fall Foliage [xkcd]

P.S. Someone should start an xkcd-style webcomic geared towards people who love photography. That would be awesome.