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Introducing the Arri Alexa Camera

Here’s a humorous introduction to the Arri Alexa digital motion picture camera by Inspiration Studios. Though they have the Canon 7D available for rent, they don’t seem to think too highly of it.

If only there were educational videos of this style for every camera on the market… That would make learning quite enjoyable.

Funny Amazon Review of the Nikon F6

Here’s a humorous Amazon user review of the Nikon F6 35mm SLR, which currently sells for $3,200. With only 5 other user ratings (all perfect scores), this single user was able to knock off half a star off the rating for this camera.

Will not work with Digital Media (via Reddit)

How UPS Deliveries Actually Work

The stories are often the same — you spend some time saving up money for the perfect piece of gear that you’ve spent hours reading reviews about and comparing. You finally order it, and spend some days checking the tracking information every few minutes to see if your package is still traveling according to schedule. Finally, the big day arrives, and you eagerly stay fixed at home, unwilling to step out for a minute or take a shower lest the UPS delivery person arrives. After something forces you to step out of the house briefly, you arrive home and are crushed to discover a “failed delivery” slip affixed to your door.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look into why this always seems to happen.

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Stewie Griffin’s Take on Photography

Stewie Griffin from Family Guy shares his thoughts on photography. Agree?

Chickens Have Image Stabilized Heads

Man-made technologies are often inspired by things found in nature, right? Well, the big camera corps could learn a thing or two about in-body image-stabilization/vibration-reduction from chickens.

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Don’t Be Stupid, Red Eye Flashes Twice

“Red Eye Flashes Twice” is a humorous photography-related song by YouTube personality Julian Smith in which he delivers an important public service announcement: don’t be stupid, red eye flashes twice.

Thanks for the tip, Dean!

Funny Panasonic Lumix G2 Commercial

Here’s a pretty clever ad by Panasonic promoting their Lumix G2 camera. It’s fun seeing photographic terms appear in a commercial, and understanding what the terms mean make the commercial even funnier for photo enthusiasts.

Thanks for the tip, @mondostic!

Why Real Cameras Should be Used for Important Events

Erin Hannon, the receptionist on The Office, explains why you should always use real cameras and not disposable ones when taking pictures of important events you want to remember.

The clip is from the episode titled “Counseling”.

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Wedding Photographer Doing Forensics

What would happen if you hired a wedding photographer to assist with forensics at a crime scene? British show School of Comedy explores this scenario in this charming little sketch.

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