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How to Develop Film Using Coffee and Vitamin C

Here’s a step-by-step video tutorial teaching how to develop your B&W film using instant coffee and powdered vitamin C instead of actual developer. You’ll still need some darkroom gear and some fixer, but it’s a neat way to experiment with film photography. Photo geeks call this solution Caffenol, and there’s even a special Flickr group dedicated to making homebrew developer.

If you’ve never learned how to process film, this is also a great introduction to how it’s done.

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Photo Project Captures Montreal’s Best Coffee in Pixels

If you’re a coffee lover (or addict), adbeus is a photoblog that you’ll want to feast your eyes on. They visit the best independent coffee shops in Montreal and photograph each cup of coffee in exactly the same way: the coffee on the right side of the frame, the table serving as the background, and the camera viewing from above. The result is a project that shows how beautiful and unique cups of coffee can be!

adbeus (via Photojojo)

Hands-On with the Nikon 24-70mm Cup

We reported on the Nikon coffee cup that finally appeared on the web months ago, but didn’t get our hands on one until today. We did an unboxing of the Canon coffee mug and thermos back in June, so we’ll do a similar hands-on for this Nikon one. Like the Canon ones, there’s a whole bunch of places making these things (none of which are the camera companies themselves), so there might be some variation on how the thing looks depending on where you buy it from.
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Nikon 24-70mm and 70-200mm Coffee Cups Appear on eBay

After the enormous success of the Canon 70-200mm Coffee Mug, it was only a matter of time before Nikon-branded cups joined the party. Nikoneans can now rejoice — a 24-70mm coffee cup has just appeared on eBay as a pre-order for $50. It doesn’t appear that Nikon has anything to do with this 1:1 replica cup, but those who have been eagerly waiting for such a thing to appear can now pounce on this awesome (but unofficial) accessory.

Those who want longer focal length coffee cups can also buy a 70-200mm coffee cup for roughly the same price:

Update: Nikon is not affiliated with these cups in any way.

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McDonald’s Viral Time Lapse Coffee Ad

Here’s an interesting advertisement created for McDonald’s free coffee promotion that’s running from November 16-29 in Canada. It was shot using three Canon 5D Mark II cameras and took 660 liters (~175 gallons) of coffee.

This reminded me of the Mona Lisa recreation done for the The Rocks Aroma Festival in Sydney, Australia. That display took 3,604 cups (~225 gallons) of coffee, and 564 pints of milk.


Here’s a stop-motion video of the Mona Lisa display’s “making-of”:

What’s with using coffee for art these days?

Coffee Art: It’s Causing Quite A Stir (via planet5d)

This is the second time-lapse video we’ve posted on this week. Sorry for the onslaught of time-lapse videos!

Image credit: Aroma festival by Halans