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A Look at How Circular Polarizers Affect the Look of Outdoor Scenes

If you’ve never used a circular polarizer filter before, here’s an interesting video by Mitch Bergsma that shows the effect it has on various outdoor scenes. He mounted a B+W Polarizer filter onto a couple of lenses on his Canon 7D and filmed a number of landscape spots while turning the filter to see its effect as a gradual transition. Pay attention to the sky, leaves, and reflections.

(via MicBergsma via Reddit)

Video Tutorial: How to Make the Most of a Polarizing Filter

Polarizing filters are a piece of gear that some photographers swear by and others don’t touch. One reason why might be the various misconceptions and misunderstandings surrounding what polarizing filters do and what benefit they truly provide.

Thankfully, photographer Steve Perry is here to clear up any misconceptions. In the video above, he details what exactly polarizing filters do, why they’re beneficial for far more than just ‘making the sky blue,’ and then shares a few tips for making the most of the polarizing filter in your gear bag. Read more…

MagFilter Uses Magnets to Give High-End Compacts Some Filter Love

Compact cameras are becoming pretty serious photography tools when it comes to sensor sizes and lens qualities, but one thing they generally lack is an easy-to-use filter system. Interchangeable-lens photographers can usually just find a filter of the correct diameter and use it with their lens, but things get more complicated when you’re dealing with fixed-lens cameras. Although using filters is possible with some models, the systems aren’t very friendly: they’re usually proprietary, expensive, or based on unwieldy adapters.

That all changes with the new MagFilter by CarrySpeed, an easy-to-use filter system for compact cameras based on magnets rather than threads.
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What Circular Polarising Filters Are For

A brief explanation (and examples) of what circular polarizers do and how they’re used in photography.