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Make Christmas Ornaments Out of Film and Photographs

Wanna add some photo-geekery to your Christmas tree this year? Try making custom Christmas ornaments out of strips of film or printed photographs! twinklecat has written up a film ornament tutorial over at Lomography, and Shelley Haganman has an easy-to-follow photo ornament tutorial over at scrappergirl.

Display Your Photos On a Christmas Tree Using Old Film Canisters

Want a clever way to use your Christmas tree as a photo display? Simply print 1.5-inch photos onto acetate sheets, tape them to the outside of translucent film canisters, and then illuminate them by sticking clear Christmas lights through the caps!

How to Make Film Canister Holiday Lights! [Photojojo]

Geeky Film Canister Christmas Lights

Have a bunch of film canisters lying around and not sure what to do with them? You could use them to geekify your Christmas lights by punching a hole in the caps and sticking the lights in.
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Christmas Tree Constructed with $150K in Camera Gear

With a huge arsenal of camera gear at their disposal, the folks over at BorrowLenses can do a lot of fun and random experiments that us ordinary folk can only dream about. After first stacking lens filters and then teleconverters, they’ve gone to the next level by stacking $150,000 worth of camera gear into a Christmas tree.
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PetaPixel Photography Gift Guide 2010

Sorry that this year’s list of awesome photography gifts comes even later than last year’s… we’ll try to have it ready earlier in 2011. This year we have 10 fun, novel, and/or useful gifts for photography-lovers you love…
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Turn Film into Ribbon Bows for Presents

If you’re planning to give any gifts to photography-enthusiasts this Christmas, you can try adding a little awesomeness to the presentation by creating your own ribbon bows out of film. All you need to do is cut the film strip into narrower pieces, and arrange the loops in the shape you’d like.

(via KEH Camera Blog)

Leave Digital Photo Frames Off Your Christmas Shopping List

Thinking of buying a love one a digital photo frame this Christmas? You might want to reconsider. A recent survey of 2,000 people by the British Video Association found that digital photo frames were the most unwelcome gifts, followed by foot spas, blenders and digital organizers.

More than a third of those surveyed said they simply didn’t have time to use the gadgets they had received, while 23 per cent didn’t see the point of some of them. The survey found that 18 per cent of those who rarely used their gadget gift simply didn’t like them, 10 per cent couldn’t be bothered to clean them, while seven per cent had not read the instructions or didn’t know how to use the device. [#]

Have you ever received a digital photo frame that you never ended up using? (I have)

(via Steve’s Digicams)

Image credit: digital photo frame – hanging by m a r c

PetaPixel Photography Gift Guide 2009

The holiday season is upon us! In celebration of the season, we’ve compiled our first holiday gift guide! Each year, we’ll feature 20 a number of awesome photo gifts, ranging from functional to fun. Whether you’re searching for a stocking stuffer or affordable gear for your favorite photographer, we hope our guide comes in handy. We’ve arranged our gift ideas from cheapest to most expensive. Enjoy!

Vinyl Pockets Shower Curtain – $10+


Personalize this shower curtain with photos!

Bed Bath & Beyond
Urban Outfitters

LOL Disposable Camera – $12


This single-use 35mm is sure to bring some laughter and fun to your holidays. Adds a different frame to each photo taken. Better hurry though, since only 4000 were made.
Urban Outfitters

Melannco Photo Game Board Chess/Checkers – $15


Frame photos of your favorite mates under this 2-in-1 chess and checkerboard.

PHOTO:BOX book – $20


Give the gift of inspiration! PHOTO:BOX, a collection compiled by Roberto Koch, includes 250 images from 200 brilliant international photographers, including Ansel Adams, Richard Avedon, David LaChapelle, Annie Leibovitz, and more. A great coffee table addition.

Hole-On Ex Pinhole Camera – $20


Take and make it at home: just add glue, a ruler, and a pencil.
Giant Robot Store

Bokeh Masters Kit – $25


See light in all new ways with this amazing Bokeh Masters Kit, which includes several different bokeh discs and allows you to cut your own.
Bokeh Masters Kit

Media Street eMotion Digital Photo Frame Watch – $28


Dick Tracy would be envious of this watch, which can display around 75 jpeg images.

Keyboard Shortcut Skins for Macs – $30/laptop, $40/desktop


A cheat sheet for the visual editor, this keyboard companion skin includes shortcuts for Photoshop, Aperture (2.0), Final Cut Pro/Express, and more.

Polaroid PoGo Instant Mobile Printer – $35


Print your digital photos instantly, on the go!

Russian Book Spy Camera – $35


This nifty spy cam makes for a great conversation piece, especially if your name is Bond, James Bond.

Photo Lollipops – $40


These oddball lollipops are a bit silly, but a sweet, personal gift.

Lomography Diana F+ Medium Format Camera – $50

dianamediumFilled with nostalgic longing for the gritty look of retro color film? Look no further, Diana’s back!
Giant Robot Store

BlackRapid RS-4 Strap – $54


For the active photographer, the BlackRapid line is quite the sight for sore backs. With its ergonomic and functional design, BlackRapid straps stand out from the crowd.
Outdoor Photo Gear

Swiss Gear DIANA Bag for Digital SLR Cameras – $60


Fashion and function meet in this photographer’s handbag.
Best Buy

Diana Lens + Adapter – $60


This Diana lens kit is probably the best new lens out on the market. Granted, it’s made of plastic, but it’s a great way to turn your DSLR into a high-tech lomography machine.

Photo Mobile Stand – $60


Regular picture frames are boring. Spice up photo presentation with this nifty photo stand.

Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera – $65


Who knows, maybe your tot can get his or her first freelance gig a lot sooner.

Gorillapod 6-Pack Combo – $90


Grab a Gorillapod pack to share with the whole family!

Fujifilm Instax Instant Camera and Film- $105


Polaroid may have phased out its line of instant cameras, but Fujifilm carries on the torch with this modern Instax model.

Aputure Gigtube Live View LCD Viewfinder – $190


Aputure’s innovative remote trigger is the first and only of its kind to feature live view and instant photo display.

From PetaPixel, we wish you all warm, safe, and happy holidays!