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Play Room Photos Capture the Imaginary Worlds Inside Children’s Minds

“Child’s Caves” is a beautiful (and nostalgia-inducing) series of photographs by photographer Bj√∂rn Ewers and STUDIO314 that shows how children turn their play areas into make believe scenes from the world of grown ups. Imagined locations include the moon, the jungle, a pirate ship, and an igloo.
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“Zoom” Windup Camera Toy for Children

If you want your kids to grow up with the same love of photography you have, you can try performing some “inception” giving them photography-related toys from a young age. “Zoom” is a camera windup toy by Z Wind Ups that waddles around, looking at things with a magnifying glass.

With a big lens housing his clear camera eye, Zoom should be able to pick up the spots on Lanie the Ladybug’s back from several feet away. Unfortunately, Zoom is missing just that–the zoom button that the factory seems to have forgotten to install! No worries, though, because that magnifying glass works just fine […]

You can buy one for $5 over on Z Wind Ups.

Zoom (via Chip Chick)