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This Stylish Leather Tassel is Actually a USB Charging Cable in Disguise


Looking for a fashionable way to always have a Lightning or MicroUSB charging cable at hand? Look no further than this sleek tassel — it’s actually a compact charging cable in disguise!
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The FlameStower Lets You Charge Your Gear On the Go Using Fire


Outdoor loving photographers who are often far away from power grids don’t have too many options when it comes to charging up their gear. Without a generator you’re pretty much left with batteries and solar chargers.

But the guys behind the FlameStower didn’t like either of those options, so they came up with a third. Instead of using batteries or the sun, they decided to use fire. Read more…

Toss Your Battery Charger Cable with a Apple Duck Head Adapter

Some battery chargers (e.g. those that come with Canon’s pro and prosumer cameras) plug directly into the wall and have prongs that fold into the charger, while others (e.g. the Canon T2i charger) connect to the wall via a removable cable. Though this may be more space efficient when connecting to a socket or surge protector, the extra chord takes up space and can be a hassle. CheesyCam has a clever solution: use an Apple wall plug duck head adapter to transform the charger into a wall charger.
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Charge Your Camera by Hand with YoGen

yogenlogoIf for some reason you’re against carrying extra batteries around for your digital camera, then this might be just the gadget for you. YoGen is a human powered charger that generates power when you pull on the lawnmower-style ripcord.

It will officially be launched at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show, but you can already place orders for the $40 device on their website.

The YoGen charger comes in two styles: clear and black. Here’s what the clear charger looks like in action:


In addition to digital cameras, the charger is meant for anything from iPods to cell phones. The power is supposedly comparable to standard AC adapters, which also means it’s primary use isn’t in charging your gadgets back up to full power by hand (since that would take forever), but rather to give your device an extra spurt of power when you need it.

The Yogen website also has a couple videos showing how the thing is used. This one features an absent minded-man who constant talks to himself and fishes for dead/plastic fish. Enjoy!

Yogen (via PhotographyBLOG)