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A Rare Look Inside Corbis’ Underground Photo Preservation Facility

Bill Gates’ image licensing company Corbis has collection of more than 100 million photographs, including some of history’s most iconic images. CBS was recently given a rare peek inside the company’s photo preservation facility at Iron Mountain — a maximum security cold storage facility in a mine deep underground.

(via CBS via PopPhoto)

Goodbye Kodachrome: Last Processing Facility Discontinues Support

After Kodak announced the end of Kodachrome’s production in June of 2009, the number of photo labs that developed the film began to dwindle until finally only Dwayne’s Photo in Parsons, Kansas remained as the lone certified Kodachrome processing facility in the world. Today, they will be processing their last roll of Kodachrome, bringing the film’s storied career in the photo industry to an end. CBS News Sunday Morning did a neat feature looking back on the popular film.

48 Hour Magazine Hit with a Cease and Desist Letter from CBS

Earlier this month we reported on 48 Hour Magazine, a new project that aims to put together each magazine in only 48 hours from start to finish. The team of editors include Heather Champ and Derek Powazek, the founding editors of JPG Magazine.

Shortly after completing “Issue Zero”, they’ve received a cease and desist letter from the lawyers at CBS for trademark violation. The company owns trademarks for their news magazine television series “48 Hours”, and the related “48 Hours Mystery”.

According to the New York Times, 48 Hour Magazine never looked into the legality of the name, nor did they form a corporation. The proceeds of the $10 magazine (which they’ve sold over 1,000 copies of) will be split according to a transparent (albeit semi-complicated) formula.

The magazine has hired a lawyer to represent them, but does not plan to put up a fight, opting to work with CBS to come to an agreement. Since their website might soon go offline, they’ve set up a page at to keep readers informed.