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What Amazon’s Most Wished For Cameras Tell Us About the Industry


There are all sorts of statistics we can look up to tell us how the photography industry is doing and whether or not smartphones really are going to steamroll the market (spoiler alert: it’s not as bad as some make it out to be). One source of information that probably doesn’t cross your mind, however, is Amazon’s Most Wished For lists.

Where statistics on cameras shipped give us an idea of what the companies want, Amazon’s list gives us a glimpse of what the customers want, which might just be a good indicator of how the big players in the industry are really doing. Read more…

Make a DIY Remote Shutter Release Using a Cable and a Soda Can Tab


Remote shutter release cables are extremely simple devices, but they can cost quite a bit if you buy the official accessories sold by major camera manufacturers. Instructables user nk dtk has an awesome makeshift alternative that’s dirt cheap: all you’ll need is a cable and a can of soda!
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Canon T4i Pictures, Specs, and Touch Screen Examples Leaked

Just one short day away from the official release, massive leaks have sprung regarding Canon’s new Rebel T4i. Courtesy of Canon Rumors, we now have a full list of specs for the T4i/650D. As previously rumored, the camera will indeed sport an 18-megapixel APS-C sensor, articulating touchscreen LCD, 9 cross-type AF points and a better “hybrid” AF system for live view and video recording. But the specs we hadn’t yet heard of include: ~5fps continuous shooting, ISO 100-12,800 (expandable to 25,600), and the same viewfinder and metering system found in the previous Rebel T3i. Read more…

First Leaked Photos of the Canon T4i

Fresh off the press: Canon Price Watch just put up the first images of Canon’s up and coming T4i — which is rumored to drop this Friday. Interestingly enough, Canon Price Watch seems to think that the new Rebel will be announced tomorrow, a day earlier than expected, alongside the rumored 18-135mm IS STM and 40mm f/2.8 pancake lenses.

Unfortunately, the pictures don’t come with a set of confirmed specs, but the rumored specifications as they now stand have the T4i sporting an 18-megapixel sensor (fingers crossed the sensor has at least been updated from the T3i), touchscreen LCD, 9 AF points (all cross-type), and continuous AF during live view and while shooting video.

(via Canon Price Watch via Canon Rumors)

Rumored Specs for Canon’s Upcoming Rebel T4i/650D

Thus-far rumors about the Canon Rebel T4i/650D have been relegated to the “it’s definitely coming” category, but yesterday Canon Rumors posted a short spec list that they believe to be fairly accurate. The rumored specs as they now stand would have the new Rebel sporting an 18MP sensor, 9 cross-type AF points, a touchscreen LCD and, most impressively, continuous AF during video recording and in live view.

For the most part the specs fall somewhere between expected and interesting (9 cross-type AF points sound great but it seems strange that the Rebel line has been stuck with an 18-megapixel sensor for three generations now). The spec that has people really excited, however, is the possibility of a good continuous AF system for live view/video recording. Fortunately we won’t have to wait long to find out, since the T4i along with Canon’s first mirroless camera are both expected to be unveiled sometime next month.

(via Photography Bay via Canon Rumors)