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For Sale: A Canon 1D Mark III and 600mm f/4 That Took a Saltwater Bath


If you want to know what the market is like for high-end camera gear that has been destroyed by water damage, check out this eBay auction by a Hastings, Victoria-based Australian photographer who goes by the handle tallguy069. The poor guy accidentally dropped his Canon 1D Mark III DSLR and Canon 600mm f/4L lens ($10,000+ in gear) off a boat into saltwater, completely destroying the functionality of both pieces.
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Camera Snobbery: A Slice of Amateur Photography Culture

Here’s a funny short clip from the HBO TV show Veep in which two photography enthusiasts discuss their Canon cameras, and… one of them is a camera snob. Does the guy remind you of anyone you know? Hopefully it’s not yourself!

Canon to Combine 1D and 1Ds DSLRs into One Flagship Line

Canon is set to announce a new EOS DSLR next Tuesday, and Canon Rumors is reporting that the camera will mark the merging of the company’s flagship 1D and 1Ds lines. It makes sense too, since the camera packs the best of both worlds: it has an 18MP full frame sensor, yet also shoots at a whopping 12fps with 61 AF points. Pros will no longer have to choose between crop factor and speed.

(via Canon Rumors)

How to Carve a Canon 1D Out of Wood

Back in 2003, Canon published a tutorial on how to carve a Canon 1D mockup out of balsa wood. The tutorial has since been taken down, but thanks to Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, much of the tutorial has been preserved. If for whatever reason you suddenly feel the urge to carve a fake camera, Canon’s step-by-step guide is a great place to start.

How to Make a Balsa Wood Canon DSLR Mockup [DO IT]