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This Gigantic Collection of 600 Vintage Cameras is for Sale on eBay: It’s Yours for $35K


Want to start your own camera museum? There’s a new listing on eBay that can put you on the fast track to doing so. It’s for a gigantic collection of roughly 600 vintage cameras from between 1880 and 1980. The description claims the lot could be turned into one of the largest camera museums in the world.
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Photojournalist Reveals His 4,425 Camera Collection, Breaks His Own World Record


If you thought you had a problem with Gear Acquisition Syndrome (or GAS) think again, you’ve got nothing on Mumbai-based photojournalist Dilish Parekh. The Guinness Book World Record holder for the largest camera collection smashed his own record earlier this month when he revealed that he now owns 4,425 cameras. Read more…

The Collector: One Man, One Passion, and Over One Thousand Cameras

While in an antique shop looking for old Nikon lenses, the folks over at Green Renaissance bumped into a man they’re identifying simply as “The Collector.” A man with a true passion for photography, they were fortunate enough to receive an invite into his home where they got to see his amazing collection of over one thousand vintage cameras from all over the world.

They spent nearly two hours at The Collector’s home, interviewing him and filming a collection that started in South Africa in 1972 and is still growing today. The result of the time they spent with The Collector is the nearly three-minute video you see at the top — an inspiring look at one man’s passion for photography that has spanned over four decades. (Warning: he does curse at one point in the video).

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Massive 1,000+ Piece Camera Collection Being Auctioned on eBay


Want to own a giant collection of vintage cameras, but don’t want to spend a lifetime acquiring them one by one? If you have deep pockets and money to burn, here’s your shot: collector Brain Cue of Alameda, California (kka20101 on eBay) is selling his massive camera collection that he has spent over 50 years building up.
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