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A Visual Journey That Shows the Cookie-Cutter Facades of Homes in London


When photographer Callum Cooper moved from Melbourne, Australia to London, England, one of the things that caught his eye was the uniformity (or “conformity”) seen in the city’s residential areas. Along a street, multiple buildings would have exactly the same architecture, and if it weren’t for the minor differences in the facades, some of them can hardly be distinguished from one another.

Cooper then came up with the idea of exploring this phenomenon using photographs — photos that would become a “structuralist film.”
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Dizzying Portraits of Toronto Residents Using a Jump Rope-Style Camera Rig

Earlier this year, Australian artist Callum Cooper released a video called Full Circle that featured footage captured by a camera attached to a jump rope. It’s a bit nauseating to watch, but the creativity of the project has led to hundreds of thousands of views for the short.

Cooper is back with a new project based on the same idea. It’s titled “The Constant and The Flux,” and you can view a portion of it above.
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Camera on Jump Rope Shows the World from the Rope’s Perspective

For this short titled “Full Circle”, Callum Cooper attached a camera to the end of a jump rope and had a number of models use it. In addition to showing a unique point of view, the technique also provides for an interesting way to transition between shots.